Take me home

Your at the one direction concert and Harry notices you and sees how beautiful you are...then everything changes


3. Settling into our hotel

Nellies pov~ here we are, I thought as Alisha went to the receptionist! She came back with the key and said "come on got the key lets go!!" "Kay" I said as I looked round. We got to the room and saw it was MAHOOSIVE! "Wow" we said in unison. We put our bags down and I said "why don't we go take a walk, seeing as we have quite nice clothes on" I had a short black skirt with a top that said 'nerd' on it that was tucked into my skirt I had black slip on shoes and my hair in a messy bun, on the other hand Alisha had blue denim short shorts and a top that said 'I mostache  you a question but ill shave it for later' written on it, she has pink slip on shoes and her hair was also in a messy bun. We walked out and couldn't believe what we saw....ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!

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