Take me home

Your at the one direction concert and Harry notices you and sees how beautiful you are...then everything changes


4. Meeting one direction

Harry's pov~ me and the boys walked out of our room and saw the two most beautiful girls we have ever laid eyes on! Seeing as though Liam Louis and Zayn had girlfriends it was just me and Niall! We saw them staring at us smiling, they must of been directioners! So I said "hey girls I'm Harry this is Niall Louis Liam and zayn!" Then the most beautiful one said "h h hey I I'm a Alisha and this i is n Nellie" "so you guys here for long?" I asked "we'll just here for two months" Alisha said with more confidence. 


Nialls pov~ that Alisha girl is beautiful but the Nellie girl is something special she was cute and beautiful and her blue eyes shone so bright! "Ahh cool were doing the take me home tour at the moment" then Nellie said "Yeah we are coming to tonight's show at 7!!!" My eyes grew wider and then I said "you wanna hang with us until the show then meet us backstage, ill get you backstage passes" "OMG YES PLEASE" Nellie screamed  

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