Take me home

Your at the one direction concert and Harry notices you and sees how beautiful you are...then everything changes


2. Journey

Alisha's pov~ *knock at door* I run to the door and see my best friend standing there smiling, I run up to her giving her the biggest hug of my life! "Haay we need to set off the concert starts at 7pm but we need to get settled in out hotel! Oh and by the way we are staying at the hotel for 2 months because we need a break!" I say without taking a breath. "Kay!" Nellie says trying not to start fangirling!

i call a taxi and get our suitcases into the boot and tell the driver where we are going. On the way there my phone vibrates and I check it, it says 'Harry Styles followed you' I screamed!!! The taxi driver looked worried so did Nellie they both said in unison "WHAT'S HAPPENED!?!?!?" I shouted "HARRY STYLES FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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