Take me home

Your at the one direction concert and Harry notices you and sees how beautiful you are...then everything changes


6. In one directions room!

Louis' pov~ wow! That Alisha girl is beautiful and I sure want to go out with h.. WAIT I have girlfriend how could I even think this!? I think Niall must've seen my face because he asked " hey what's up Lou!?" "n n nothing" 


naill's pov ~ I just nodded and left it as that.


Alisha's pov~ OMG OMG OMG INAM HANGING OUT WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!  I am acting all cool and confident but I don't know how I am managing it?! "So you want to come into our room?" Harry asks with a flirty wink witch makes me blush "yeah sure" I say. I notice Niall hasn't stopped looking at Nellie since they met, I think they like each other and I sure hope they date! And to tell the truth I really hope me and Harry will date but he wouldn't want anything to do with me probably I mean I've got nice eyes but that's it really.


Harry's pov~ I really hope me and Alisha can date, she's beautiful her eyes shine whenever the light catches them and her hair is about 3 inches past her shoulders, whenever she laughs or smiles her dimples show and they are amazing and her laugh its just gorgeous! As we got into our flat i noticed Alisha staring at me, I think she saw that I noticed and she quickly looked away. I stared at her blocking all noise out and everything else then I heard someone shout "IM HUNGRY I NEED FEEDING"'I obviously knew who that was...Niall!  

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