stand up

when best friends charlotte and nixie go to a one direction concert they get the surprise of their life. after their hotel has a mix-up and they get thrown out on the street they set off in search of a place to stay for the week. but what happens when they happen to meet two members of the worlds most famous boyband ever. ONE DIRECTION


2. you need a place to stay?

nialls p.o.v


"i take it you know us then" i said. they both nodded

"yeah. we're from england. we came here to see you in concert tomorrow" the slightly smaller of the two said. she was the one i bumped into at costa. she said blonde hair and bright blue eyes like mine.

"wow. we can give you backstage passes if you want. why have you got your suitcases though" harry said.

"well we um booked a hotel for the week but they obviously mucked up and now we havent got a place to stay" the other girl said. she was slightly taller then the first girl. she had brownish hair and bluey green eyes. she couldnt stop staring at harry. clearly she had a mega celeb crush or something on him.

"do you wanna stay with us?" i asked. i didnt know what i was saying. i just met these girls. they had no proof that they had nowhere to stay. only suitcases and their word for it. but for some reason i believed them. something in my heart told me to

"really" she smaller girl said

"yeah, anyway what are your names" i asked

"well im nixie" the smaller one said

"and im charlotte"

"wow your names unusual, anyway follow us" harry said and he lead us back to the car. harry drove and i let charlotte sit in the passenger seat. i sat in the back with nixie.

"so whos your favourite member of the band because clearly charlottes is harry" i said

"well um, you" nixie replied and i smiled

"is it cuz im irish?" i asked and she loved

"its one of the a million trillion reasons" she said and i smiled. we pulled in at the hotel we were staying in and got the girls suitcases out. we went up to reception

"we need two more key cards. these girls are going to be staying with us for the week" i said to the receptionist and she nodded. she handed us 2 key cards and we went up. we had the whole of the 7th floor just for us and it was massive. the girls stared in astonishment.

"do you wanna put your bag in a room and then come meet the other boys" i said and both girls nodded. they rushed into a room. they ran  into a room. louis room. i heard them scream. i immediatly knew what had happened. louis was getting changed and he was prbably getting undressed at the moment. nixie and charlotte ran out in fits of giggles. louis soon came out behind them smiling

"so niall. where did ya pick these two hotties up?" he asked with a smirk and both girls blushed.

"they were at costa. they flew to new york from england to see us and had a mix up with the hotel and had nowhere to stay so  said they can stay with us for the week" i replied and he smiled

"fair enough" we went into the living room so the girls could meet liam and zayn.

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