stand up

when best friends charlotte and nixie go to a one direction concert they get the surprise of their life. after their hotel has a mix-up and they get thrown out on the street they set off in search of a place to stay for the week. but what happens when they happen to meet two members of the worlds most famous boyband ever. ONE DIRECTION


3. Girls, one direction. One direction, girls....

Charlottes p.o.v


i cannot believe I just saw Louis tomlinson naked. Well minus boxers but mainly naked. We followed Niall, Louis and Harry into the living room. There they were.... The final two remaining members of one direction. Liam Payne and zayn malik. They were 2 of the most amazing people in the world, the others included the 3 we had already met.

"zayn, Liam meet nixie and charlotte" Niall said and they both came over to us

"hi, I'm zayn but I guess you already know who we are"

"ummm bit vain" nixie remarked and they all laughed

"no it's just that your both wearing one direction t-shirts" 

"oh haha your forgiven" she said with a smile. I held out my hand to zayn but instead of taking it he gave me a massive hug. I naturally hugged back. 

"Hello I'm Liam Payne and its extremely nice to meet you" Liam said 

"god you speak posh!" I exclaimed

"Naa, but I like making good impressions!"

"fair enough"

"so how about a game so we can get to know each other, how about truth or dare..." Louis said and we all nodded. We sat in a massive circle on the floor.

"charlotte, truth or dare" Louis asked

"ummm truth" I replied and I immediately saw a smirk appear on nixies face

"Charlotte, do you have a massive crush on Harry styles and call him your husband every time you see a picture of him" she asked and I felt myself blush. All the boys were staring at me, especially Harry.

"um yh" I replied and they all broke out in laughter. I saw Harry turn slightly red but he pretended that he hadn't 

"Nixie, truth or dare?" Louis asked

"dare" she replied. I grinned this time

"I dare you to kiss Niall, on the lips, for 5 seconds" I saw Niall blush a little

"easy." She replied and went over to Niall. She kissed him on the lips for 5 seconds and when they broke apart they both had massive smiles on their faces.

"wow" Niall said and we all laughed

"Harry truth or dare"

"truth, if I say dare you'll make me do something really embarrassing " this time it was Louis that smiled

" do you have a little crush on charlotte?" Louis asked. I felt myself go red again and so did Harry.

"um, maybe a little bit"he replied and I couldn't help but smile a little.

" Aww look at the lovebirds, Anyway Niall truth or dare?" Louis asked

" dare" he replied. Probably a little too confidently for Louis liking

"I dare you to ask nixie out" 

" I can't do that, if really like her and if I do that I'll ruin my chances with her" Niall said. Then he realised what he had said and he ran out of the room with his hand over his mouth. Nixie followed him with tears in her eyes. We saw Niall disappear one way out of the room and nixie another.

"knew it would work!" Louis exclaimed


nixies p.o.v


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