stand up

when best friends charlotte and nixie go to a one direction concert they get the surprise of their life. after their hotel has a mix-up and they get thrown out on the street they set off in search of a place to stay for the week. but what happens when they happen to meet two members of the worlds most famous boyband ever. ONE DIRECTION


4. did you mean it?

nixies p.o.v


i sat in the room me and charlotte were sharing and stared at the ceiling. tears rolled down my cheeks. its not that i mind niall saying he has feeling for me but its so much to take in. i heard a soft knowck on the door

"its niall. can i come in?" he asked. i sat up and wiped my eyes

"yeah sure" i replied. he came into the room and sat on the bed next to me

"look im sorry, i didnt mean to say it like that. louis tricked me!" he said. i stared at him. my heart almost melted when i gazed deeply into his stunning blue eyes. he was so perfect. how could he ever want a girl like me?

"did you mean it?" i asked and he nodded

"but isnt it too early?" i asked and he shook his head.

"its never to early. it takes 1/5 of a second to fall in love and clearly 1/5 of a second was all it took for us. i really do feel this way about you" he said

"so what do we do?" i asked

"well. i really liked you so we could consider having a relationship and not telling anyone. if in 2 weeks its working we tell people and if not we end it" he replied.

"i like that idea. now if you go back in, i'll sort myself out cuz i look a mess and i'll come in after you" i said and he nodded

"you look perfect though" he said before dissapearing through the door. i went into the bathroom and sorted myself out. i put a little concealer round my eyes to try and hide the redness. when i had finished i looked a lot better then i did 5 minutes ago. i walked back into the living room and everyone stared at me

"um girl problems" i said and all the boys turned their heads away in pretend disgust, charlotte however just stared at me. i think she could tell i was lying but i didnt say anything. i just carried on like normal.

"so um... what shall we do now?" i asked

"we should go out for dinner" niall said. liam smiled

"basically you mean we should go out for nandos" he said

"im allergic to chicken!" i said and the look on nialls face was priceless

"are you really, well um thats-thats okay. we-we-we we can go somewhere else" he said. i laughed

"im only joking i just wanted to see your reaction. i was gonna say i didnt like nandos but i thought that would be a bit too mean!" i said and all the other boys laughed

"aww bless ya nialler. you were willing to give up nandos for a girl" harry said

"yeah nialls in love!" louis said in a childish voice

"very funny tommo, leave him alone. he's still recovering from shock!" i said and everyone laughed. we got in the car and headed for the resturant.

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