stand up

when best friends charlotte and nixie go to a one direction concert they get the surprise of their life. after their hotel has a mix-up and they get thrown out on the street they set off in search of a place to stay for the week. but what happens when they happen to meet two members of the worlds most famous boyband ever. ONE DIRECTION


1. a concert

nixies p.o.v


i cant believe it. im so excited. i gave my mum a quick kiss and turned to my best friend charlotte.

"ready for the time of our lives?" i asked and she nodded

"hell yes" we walked onto our plane and took our seats. this was all too much to take in. for our 18th birthdays our mums had pitched together to buy us tickets to go see one direction at madison square gardens. we were flying over there today. tomorrow night was the concert and we were both so excited. then we were going to spend the rest of the week in new york before coming home. since our birthdays are only 4 days apart we've been having things like joint partys since before we can remember. we took off and flew into the sky

"imagine if we met one direction!" i said

"oh my god thats would be so amazing, i would be like. hey i just met you, and this is crazy but im a fan, i know all about ya!" i laughed. we made this song up a few weeks ago whilst we were sitting in her room getting packed ready. we decided to be organised for once and have everything perfect. i mean we're seeing one direction in concert, in madison square gardens. this holiday was already perfect. i stared at the groud as we flew off. this was going to be a long flight so i decided to get some sleep.


i stared at him on stage. he stared at me.

"beautiful girl in the front row, yes you. come up on stage"  i went up onto the stage and niall took my hand

"i've never met you before but i think im in love with you. will you be my princess?" he asked and i nodded

"why niall, i would love to" i said and he picked me up. he carried me bridal style off the stage. we got into his car and drove into the sunset. never looking back

*end of dream*

i stared at charlotte. she was fast asleep. i turned to the air hostess who was coming round

"excuse me, how long left of this flight?" i asked

"only one hour madam" she said and i nodded my thanks. i gently shook charlotte awake.

"uurrrgghhh, i was having an amazing dream. it was like those weird fan-fics you read on the internet. you know. girl loves singer, singer meets girl, they fall in love, happily ever after. if only that happened to me" she said with a sigh

"you never know, you might" i said and she smiled. we sat there for the rest of the flight talking about weird fantasy worlds where we met one direction and they fell in love with us.


we walked up to the hotel desk.

"we have a room booked for two. its under the name nixie" i said

"sorry madam, theres no sign of that here" he said

"but we booked" charlotte said and he shook his head.

"have you payed in advanced" we shook our heads "then the room is not here"

"well can we have a room?" i asked

"im sorry all our rooms are full up" he said. i glared at him as we walked out the hotel

"what do we do now?" charlotte asked

"i dunno but lets find a costa and talk about it there" i said and she nodded her head in agreement. me and charlotte were literally addicted to costa creamy toffee coolers. we walked in and i saw two boys in front of us. they were wearing beanies and sunglasses. it was 10:30 at night so there was really no need. they spoke really quitely as if they didnt want to be heard at all.

"what can i get you?" the lady asked

"2 creamy toffee coolers please" i said. she made our drinks and handed them to us. as i turned round i knocked into one of the boys in front of us. i knocked his cup to the floor

"oh my god im so sorry" i said. we both reached down at the same time. his beanie went up a little bit and i saw a bit of blonde hair. his sunglasses fell down a little and whe i saw his bright blue eyes i realised who it was.

"oh my god!" i said and he put his finger to his lips

"come with me" he whispered "and your friend" we followed him and the other boys out into the open. when we got to a park that was totally uninhabitited they took off their sunglasses. i saw the other boys beautiful green eyes and immediatley recognised him. harry styles. i looked at charlotte and saw her mouth wide open.

"OH MY GOD!" She said and they both smiled.

"i take it you know us then" niall said in his gorgeous irish accent. we nodded

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