Abbi thought her life was normal till this foreign guy moves in and takes over her life. But what happenes one night when Abbi's parents go on vacation and there left home alone.


1. Meeting Jason

 "Abbi!!" Mom called out.


 I finished adding on my 3rd layer of eye liner. I was getting ready for our "guest'', it was pretty much this dude from another place coming here to learn our langue and ways of life. I really didnt want this guest, Im the one that was to teach him.


 I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt and walked down stairs.


 "Yes mom" I asked.


 "Me and your father have to run out, Jason well be here soon, so when he gets here be nice and I well be back soon" she said.


 "Yeah sure thing mom" I said.


 She walked out the door and left me there.


 I sighed and took out my phone "picture time" I said.


 I posed around taking pictures with each pose.


 I spun around and seen some guy in the door way. He had blonde hair, brown eyes and he was smiling at me.


 I looked at him up and down "who the hell are you??" 

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