Take me


5. Noah - What happened?

She just stood there, watching me. Her eyes scoping my body before fixing her gaze directly at my face. My heart hammered under my suit, so loud I thought everyone here surely could hear it. But no one looked at me, only her. She stood tall next to the priest almost reaching the same height, her body so small and slender as if a feather could shatter her bones by the simplest touch. Long, luminous blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders, framing her elegant diamond face. Her eyes at most caught my breath, a soft violet like lavender glinting against the light of the sun encircled by her long full eye lashes. She remained still, watching me... with such interest that I could not understand. Her beauty simply and irrevocably, enchanted me. Is this what love at first sight feels like? Wait- What? I don't believe in that kind of thing…But she is so beautiful, an angel no doubt. An angel, appearing at a funeral that is the only explanation for it she wasn't here for me to see… I snapped my vision away from here and shut my eyes, she is a figure of my imagination…I made her up…slowly I opened my eyes once more and yet she was still standing beside the priest, watching me and she was smiling? She smiled at me before taking a step away from the scene and fade out of sight… as if she was never there…

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