Take me


3. Noah - the funeral

It had been at least two weeks since the murder of Jack; a long and tremendously depressing two weeks. And today, was his funeral. I stood and watched the men carry the long wooden box that Jack was lying inside of. Sleeping, finally at peace, there was nothing you could have done to prevent it, stop beating your self up! No matter how many times I had told myself that, it never made me feel better. The scene still played in my mind, like a broken record constantly repeating itself again and again. Nothing could make it go away now. We all crowded the deep, rectangular ditch; listening to the priest say his long, overly rehearsed speech about how death and how God had looked after him. I wasn't one of those religious types, God has no plan he was a man who had power and misused it like any other human would have ; and now wouldn't take responsibly for what he has created. 

I looked beyond the priest and stared, thinking back to when I last saw Jack (alive I mean), when he and I had sat on the field behind the school. Him showing off about kissing several girls within the last few weeks and then teasing me, how I haven't yet kissed one girl let alone several. Surprisingly enough, I missed his occasional teasing…I missed him.

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