Imaginesss!!!! :D

Imagines for everyone!


1. Imagine for Bailey Jones with Justin :)


You and Justin have been best friends since you met him at a mall and you saw him walk through a glass window, and he fell to the floor. You giggled a little and ran to help him up. You kneeled by him and helped him up.


Bailey: Are you alright?

Justin: yeah, (laughs a little) Thanks.

Bailey: (you secretly fall for him)


One day you and Justin decide to go out to the park since it`s a nice day out, you and Justin play around in the grass, suddenly you fall, and Justin "accidentally" fell over you.

Justin: You know you`re beautiful, right?

Bailey: Thank you Justin.

Justin suddenly kissed you out of no where, you were shocked, but you enjoyed the long meaningful kiss.

Justin: I love you, Bailey.

Bailey: I love you, too.

You and Justin start dating, and you`ve never been happier. It`s been the best 2 years of your life, he brings you candy and a stuffed animal, and flowers every Friday.

Hope you liked it! :)

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