World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


6. The Trial And Error

Chapter 6: The Trial And Error

“Mr Timmins, come with me please. I hope you have an appetite for such trial against you”, said Barry’s psychiatrist said with a chuckle. Barry wanted to just get it over and done with; surely this would lead to something that he craves for, an escape perhaps...?

“Alright” Barry replied, he hadn’t thought his words through. His mind had been filling up with memories that he felt could repeat them.

The court room awaited Barry, due to many problems with this prison; the judge had also been turning to the corrupt side. Apparently the young female judge Elisha; she wanted more power than those who possessed such power. She imagined herself more of a leader than someone with a mallet to make commands. These commands are not hers to make. The Law already has more power over her, she had realised this just now...?

“Your honour, Mr Timmins is now here, shall we commence the trial?” Barry’s lawyers rival said, giggling at the fact that Barry thought he stood a chance.

“Y-yes yes, we shall start the trial now. Once Mr Timmins has been seated...” Elisha said, slamming her mallet to gain order.

The atmosphere around Barry was dull, just people sitting down looking a little depressed. Not all of the audience seemed to be awake for this trial, some had fallen asleep... the ambience of a Judge shouting, is all that could be heard. Until Barry’s psychiatrist whispered, interrupting Barry from listening to the Judge’s words.

“Mr Timmins, I should have introduced myself sooner. My name is Caitlyn, I am your mentor, and well it’s what my old client called me. Just call me Caitlyn though...” Caitlyn said, introducing herself to a worried Mr Timmins.

“Y-yes, well hello C-Caitlyn, I’ll try to keep on the down low...” Barry said, coughing to hide his whisper. The judge was not amused with Barry’s shenanigans one bit...

“Order, Order!” The Judge shouted, directly at Barry’s nervous face.

“Y-your honour, I wish to talk please?” Barry asked, trying to keep a straight face.

Before the Judge told Barry to sit down, a familiar guest said beside the Judge began to speak. The voice sounded very familiar to Barry especially... and Barry was not too surprised to see who had been by his side the entire time.

“H-hello, testing... does this work?” The familiar guest said, announcing his name over the microphone.

“Hurry up! I want some order in this court room, and that is what I shall get!” The Judge shouted loudly, slamming the mallet off the desk.

“My name... my name is Jay, my- name is Jay Timmins...” Barry was shocked to hear from his son, he was confused on why he chose to do this.

“Son” Barry shouted, he smiled from the sight of his son, until he had thought about the past...

The room was getting a little under pressure on Barry, the room’s atmosphere was Jay speaking through a distance of silence. Barry’s depression soon kicked in, the Judge seemed the opportunity to begin the court session. Jay on the other hand, he had taken more than he could chew. He was here for one reason alone, one damned reason...

“Silence, Father you have done some pretty bad things in the past... and again, I won’t hold these against you, I’ll hold them in front of you instead ha-ha-ha...” Jay laughed with a smirk.

In front of Jay, extending out from his arms, the crowd were soon to see a few photos; Jay calls it the evidence of a life time. Until Barry objected, ignoring his Lawyer’s commands.

“Son, you have always been vile to our family!” Barry shouted, the crowd gasped from such bad behaviour from Jay’s father.

“Order, order – Jay I would like to talk about these memories” the Judge said, waiting patiently for a reply.

“E-evidence... it’s called evidence, and I shall not show you anymore, my Father is the vile sick twisted man... a twisted man beneath this retched city!” Jay lost his temper; he had started to have his nervous breakdown once more, Jay was convicted last October...

The audience had gasped once more, and Barry could see Jay coming closer. The Judge called security, it’s not like Jay’s going to calm down for anyone though is it...? The devastation smocked on Barry’s face lead to him kicking off too. Before the security had shown up, Jay had thrown a punch at his father.

“Son...” Barry struggled to say his name once again, falling to the ground from a powerful punch, and it was from his son...

Jay had now started to show his true colours, throwing punch after punch at his father. Barry on the other hand knew this was the best way to speak to his son. Before, Barry couldn’t even get Jay to come near him, so this is surely a painful way of going with such a strategy.

“Mother told me that you were dead, and I was supposed to fall for another act huh?!” Jay shouted the crowd started to use the exits; it was too much of a brawl to be around.

“It was all in good time, Son you need to understand why I’m here!” Barry shouted, his explaining didn’t wash well with Jay... it would have been more of a mess if Barry’s wife had been here, luckily for him she hadn’t.

Jay flicked his father’s nose with a smirk on his face. “You should have just came clean years ago, at least mum wouldn’t be having her pathetic alone times!” Jay screamed, ignoring the Judge and anyone else asking him to calm down.

Before the brawl between Father and son begun, it had been ended instantly thanks to some guards. “Come with me, I don’t see why you deserve a second chance, look what you did to your own son!” One of the guards shouted, his voice raised the roof mostly...

“Call mum... and tell her I’m staying here, if my dad’s life behind bars, well...” Jay mumbled, asking his Father to call his wife. “It would only make things worse!” Barry shouted, and threw the phone out of sight.

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