World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


5. Order Is Served & Justice Is Serving

Chapter 5: Order Is Served & Justice Is Serving

“Sarah, just get off her okay I want to you just unhand that woman!” Barry shouted, he had the distinctive feeling that Jenny is not a criminal. Sarah is not either; she is just another corrupt cop.

“Fine-fine if you want Jenny then, you can take Jenny!” Sarah stood up releasing that Barry had no feelings for her, soon forcefully dragging Jenny onto her feet. Sarah swung Jenny around her waist, letting go as she picked up the same strength and speed that she used on Barry’s throw.

Jenny was already injured from the bruising; the constant scratching that Sarah delivered the shame of Barry not helping her although there was something odd about Barry. Something that Barry had to realize, he had noticed that he has no feelings for either of them. He couldn’t figure out why though, he still cared enough to keep them both safe. However, he just wanted his family.

Jenny’s landing was unpredictable; she only slid against the table after all. Her landing was not soft; she had collided with one of the chairs. As she landed on the rest of the chair, the chair flipped over creating more pain for Jenny’s landing. Barry was not amused with Sarah’s behaviour, the officers outside not far from the room they were standing in. Surely they will find Sarah soon enough.

“Hey, hey stop right there- you criminal- Sarah?!” An officer stumbled across the room the three of them were in, he was not happy with what he had uncovered. The shock to this officer was more than before, since he realized it was Sarah, his ex wife... Martin the officer is his name.

Instead of calling back up on his ex wife, his feelings for her returned, after he had discovered that Sarah’s old behaviour problems are reoccurring. Before, Sarah had to go to the doctors every week for a check up on her behaviour, along with taking the medicine she needed to get better. Martin was warned and aware that Sarah’s behaviour will reoccur in the future, which he had now discovered. Martin dashed over to Sarah’s side, placing her under arrest.

“Sorry Sarah, this is for the Law in hands you need to stop this behaviour” Martin said, as he forcefully handcuffed Sarah’s hands together behind her back. Barry was relieved to see Sarah being arrested, after the trouble she could have caused; Barry knew it was only a matter of time.

The fact Jenny was at the back of the room near Barry, the difference had been that poor Jenny weren’t stood up or even moving. She had been lying there for a few minutes now; it did occur to Barry that she may very well be unconscious from the collision and the beatings she received. Although Martin didn’t take time to inspect the area, he just cuffed his ex wife and dragged her out of the room. Unknown to where she is going, Barry had his suspicions though.

Jenny’s almost lifeless body made a sound once Martin and Sarah left the room. Barry heard Jenny trying to speak or some kind of sound, so he went to check on Jenny. After all, Jenny has the information that Barry wants to know, this may very well be the reason to why he never said anything to Martin the officer.

“H-h-help...” Jenny mumbled, Barry rushed over to her side kneeling near her.

“Help, you want my help Jenny, well I think you need to clear a few things with me first don’t you think?” Barry replied, holding Jenny’s lips closed.

“A-al-right” Jenny mumbled Barry heard part of what she said, as he released his hand off her lips. Allowing her to speak, Jenny does have a radio, along with many other things.

“H-h-hand me m-my radio and I can h-help...” Jenny mumbled she was losing her breath to the pressure of lying on her side. It may have been very uncomfortable, it even made Barry feel sorry for her, a little to a point where he hidden away his feelings again.

“Oh really, and just let you call for backup huh, I may be losing my family but I’m not losing my intelligence, so you better talk now!” Barry was losing his temper further; in fact he just wanted to strangle Jenny. She is after all one of the traitors; she could have said something to Barry...

“N-not at all, I just want to...” Jenny replied, Barry held her lips closed stopping her from continuing her sentence. Barry had become nervous, losing control for his actions he ripped Jenny’s pockets and even her skirt had been ripped off. Barry’s actions were done since he had lost the plot. Jenny hadn’t been giving him any information or any clues, so Barry took it into his own hands, forcefully and violently searching Jenny’s pockets and her clothing, he was that nervous to do this...

Jenny on the other hand felt violated, although it could have been worse, she realized that Barry is more of a violent person than Sarah, as she had fallen weak to Barry’s behaviour. She finally gave into Barry’s actions, giving Barry the useful information he wanted in the first place. The problem never stopped there, Barry wanted a lot more than just some answers...

“They are in Sarah’s cabinet, okay... I hid them there for safe keeping, please...” Jenny mumbled, revealing the answers Barry wanted. “Oh really, and what about Sarah’s part in this huh” Barry questioned; he was not believing anything Jenny was saying. “S-Sarah is not to blame okay, just go get the stupid letter will you” Jenny replied, giving Barry a very simple answer. It was a little unexpected to hear that Sarah had no role in this crime to Barry’s life.

Barry hadn’t finished with Jenny, after hearing the truth that she is to blame for all of this. What did she wish to accomplish, ruining an innocent man’s life? Is that what this was all for, Barry dragged Jenny violently, shoving her against one of the unsteady windows, that was due for repair next month. Jenny realized that her actions and her guilt are now going to serve justice.

The truth, may it be true or false is still that fact that Barry knows nothing on why Jenny did this. The blaze maybe over for now, Barry can restore his faith with his daughter, at least he hoped so. Still having Jenny forced again the unsteady window; he looked into his reflection on the glass. Starting to realize that he is no criminal, he would never kill someone, he knew this from the start.

“B-Barry just l-let go of me then... I will serve true j-justice...” Jenny whispered, pleading for her life to be over. Barry agreed with one part of her line, she agreed with the fact Jenny will serve justice. Imprisonment sounds like the only option, since he had decided that he does not choose to end lives. “Nope sorry Jenny, you’re going to face prison for the crime you’ve committed” Barry replied, pulling Jenny away from the window, throwing her against the floor.

The force in Barry’s throw was more powerful than Sarah’s. It was enough to knock out one of Jenny’s tooth; she was now bleeding from her gum. “I love my daughter, your just lucky I do...” Barry said, leaving behind an almost unconscious Jenny. Barry wasn’t stupid enough to leave her there though, before leaving Jenny in the room alone, he cuffed her using Jenny’s handcuffs.

The final letter that was hidden away from Barry, he received it the following day. He had gotten a full night’s sleep in the holding cell, since he was proud to be a Father who served justice to a criminal that could have lived on. Once he had received the letter that was hidden away from him, just like Jenny promised him. In Sarah’s cabinet, although Barry never looked there, who would have given him the letter? It couldn’t have been Jenny since she was cuffed in a room.

It didn’t take long for Barry to figure out who had delivered him this letter. Sarah, it was Sarah – either way she maybe going to jail for her behaviour. Thanks to Barry though, no officers found out that Jenny was harmed by Sarah, Barry kept this a deep little secret. He wanted to remember Sarah by something, and this seemed to be one way of doing so. An hour later, the officer’s uncovered Jenny cuffed lying on the floor. She was taken away for questioning.

Barry also didn’t let Jenny go to jail for her behaviour. There were no witnesses; it was once again just something Barry could use to remember Jenny by. Barry’s court day arrived too; it was his chance to be given the honour to speak with honesty and the respect he should have given in the first place. Barry knew that this trial is not going to be a walk in the park, although he believed in the good after all...


Dear Barry my Father,

The birthday didn't really be something I wanted to have, the evacuation day has already passed and many more friends and family are being moved too. As unexpected as this was Father, I actually am starting to miss you a lot. I know what you’re thinking, Staci loving her dad? Well it’s true... I don’t know why I feel like this though; after all I've always liked you a little. As for Mother she is starting to get a little better, her new sickness has hit her though; it’s dreadful to her and maybe to me too...

Homesick, Father x

Lots of love from your only family, x

P.S, Mother may have written in those kisses, but here’s one from me... x

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