World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


1. Meet The Timmins Family

Chapter 1: Training For War

“Today is the day, I’m going to be getting something new” Mary Timmins said with a smile, her face glimpsed over Barry who had his hot cup of coffee in his left hand.

The table had already been occupied, Barry Timmins sat on his comfy seat; the seat that had leather resting on your back. As comfy as it sounds, Mary on the other hand, she had no time for shenanigans or even a break. Instead she had to occupy over the breakfast, feeding her family first. She had never told Barry that she has been thinking of going to a Weapon crafter, it was her dream job to become a weapon crafter. Although she had always forgotten about her dream since after all, she dislikes war and crime in the world.

“New ha-ha, oh you mean the new set of sofas, ha-ha whenever I get around to it that is” Barry Timmins felt the need to laugh. He had been mocking his wife Mary Timmins for days now, she hadn’t noticed. I guess in theory, she never really ever cared what people thought of her.

“If you don’t shut up, Mom will have to take that our of your pay check” Staci Timmins whispered while yawning. She had just woken up; early bird gets the worm so the saying goes...

Barry Timmins knew that there is only one person who would fight back with him, that is his forever loved daughter, Staci Timmins. She loved waking up early, sort of... she wished that animals could live with her, sadly due to her father Barry Timmins, it had been impossible for that to ever happen. However, her mother Mary Timmins did say she would do her best to make that wish come true.

“Once, I’m finished with my c-coffee, I’ll be outside doing some weeding” Mary Timmins said, her eyes rolled as she walked outside holding a fresh cup of coffee.

Due to the tension between Staci and Barry, Mary had forgotten to make any breakfast for poor Staci her daughter. Thankfully, she didn’t mind too much, she walked over to the kettle that had been boiling for several minutes. Grabbing a cup that had been clean, slowly swilling out some of the coffee beans that were from earlier. Staci was happy to see coffee; she hadn’t had one in days.

“While you’re at it love, do us one, your daddy is going to need some sugar in his blood ha-ha” Barry Timmins asked his daughter, yet secretly he was giggling. Barry had been Toying with Staci’s mind keeping her focus off the kettle. Revenge couldn’t have been sweeter, so the sugar had said. Sort of, Barry Timmins makes some funny comments when it comes down to revenge. However, his jokes are not that great...

“Shut up or you’re having this coffee down your back” Staci said disruptively, keeping her nerves at ease. Staci had taken a small sip from her finished coffee, smirking at Barry’s shocked face.

Barry Timmins felt that coffee would not ease the pressure this time. Instead, he stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Staci still had the smirk she had when she had that first sip. “What a glorious morning for such a warm summer’s day” Staci said to herself, giggling as she watched her Father fall over outside on the lawn.


“Staci honey, I need you to tidy up the lawn. Some of the mess is yours after all” Mary Timmins called out loudly, hoping for her daughter Staci to agree.

“If it makes you feel any better, I guess I can yeah” Staci said while licking her lips from the sourness that had surrounded her mouth. She would have said it tasted moist, if it did...

Mary Timmins rolled her eyes after watching Staci walk outside. Barry soon got up from his bed landing, moving away to his car that had parked on the porch. The saliva from Mary dripped from her chin; she had been drooling for some unknown reason. Staci however, she never noticed, in fact she had only just noticed that the lawn’s flowers were still a little out of place.

“See you all later... Mary my love, and... Staci” Barry whispered, saying a dear goodbye to his ever loved wife and his obedient daughter. His daughter and wife never heard Barry’s whisper...

Barry had already gotten into the car, slowly looking down with disgust. He had feelings for Staci after all, hiding away his true emotions so he can keep a dark cloud over his head. It was very unusual for anyone, any human being to want such a life. Only with Staci’s Father, it was a completely different story. Barry cared deeply for his family, never showing it to them though.

“Mum, if I have to answer the door to Father again, I will not be responsible for my own actions” Staci grunted, making sure she made that very clear to her panicking mother.

“W-well, I guess that can be done, look Staci honey. Have you seen my ear rings anywhere?” Mary said while moving away from Staci’s position. In a matter of seconds Staci figured her mother is not listening fully to her commands.

Staci was a very obedient like girl; she would always want something to be obeyed. Her command like attitude comes from her Father, although Barry has taken courses to get away from that old life. He called it a disease, I guess the fact that it felt like he had no control would result him to fall this low. Staci still had this so called disease, holding everything back from everyone she loves.

Mary and Staci’s conversation ended slightly after a knock on the door was heard. Instantly dashing over to see who it may have been was Mary. Again, she had been different to Staci and Barry combined, she always had this burst of energy whenever she hears more company. One knock on her door can send her crazy, Staci had actually named her own Mother a mutt at her school, and it was very unlike her. When it comes down to getting her revenge on someone, Staci takes it up a notch.

“Y-yes, what do you want, if it’s business I’m not interested or anything below that” Mary spoke with a very fussy attitude, her grumpy mood managed to keep the visitor feeling down. The visitor then introduced himself to Mary; it was a charm that Mary had hoped for, for all these years that had gone by. Barry would not have been happy to find another man pleading for his wife.

“I am here for what’s her name, Le Staci, my soon bride to be” the male visitor spoke with a majestic French accent, even making Mary’s own daughters name sound so flattering. She had taken it as a very polite welcome, returning the favour; she called her daughter to be here.

“Staci, S-Staci, get here quickly!” Mary screamed from the top of her voice, calling her daughter to hurry from her gardening.

“I’m here Mum, the garden was a little easier to clean thanks to you” Staci replied, she had been there the whole time. I guess her Mother needs to catch on better.

Staci’s reply was soon interrupted by herself, as soon as she had seen who the visitor was. Her eyes widened from joy of seeing this visitor. Mary was a little confused on who this visitor was; she hadn’t really cared though, with such a polite attitude from a young man, she felt the need to drop from her heels. Even daydreaming about her falling slowly into this boy’s arms, I guess she felt a urge of love. Her urge of love ended as soon as she heard the door slam.

Snapping out of her daydream like trance almost instantly, she had wondered what had happened. Mary walked over to the front white painted window, admiring her daughter’s hard work. Staci was outside again, I guess she turned down this cute boy’s charms, Mary was not too sure she would have done the same thing. In fact it begun to question who she is, she wanted answers all of a sudden. Rushing to Staci’s feet, she held onto her daughter’s skirt, pleading for forgiveness...

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