World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


4. Letters from the Daughter & Jay's Urges

Chapter 4: Letters from the Daughter & Freedom!

Dear F-Barry,

You are going to be in some serious trouble when you get back here, Mother is feeling a little sick. The facts we are being moved away sickens me too, and off course you abandoning us, that’s your excuse to get away from this. Consider yourself uninvited to my birthday tea, or whatever you want to call it. I have one bit of hope left in you, the hope that you will make a better family there, after all... your most likely better off there, you always said being locked up would clear your name... well you got your wish, and I will soon be getting mine. If it comes true, that will be down to you...

Goodbye Barry, I wish you the luck of what you wish for yourself...

Daughter, Goodbye forever...

Barry received another letter; he hadn't gotten much sleep in the holding cell. He already felt moody and upset; his daughter had dropped a bomb shell on him. This was not going to make his life any better; he had only wished that he had been driving the right limit. The good news was, he is allowed to have his family to visit him. Although, he knew that none of his family would show up...

“Barry, we’re going to hit the showers, you coming?” Jay asked, laughing as she held out a small plastic bag that contained crack. I guess Barry has a choice once again, waste his time and ask for his family to visit him, or he could now take advantage of the fact his free from his family forever...

“You know what; I’m going to have to say... Y-No, sorry guys, I can’t do it...” Barry felt the urge to say yes, although he stayed strong for his soon to be forgotten family.

“Alright I guess you got the news after all, well Barry if you change your mind, you know where we’re be” Jay said, walking away from a depressed Barry with his two friends.

“Yeah, I know where to find you, in the showers...” Barry mumbled, Jay over heard his mumble, I guess Jay has good hearing. He then replied while laughing, “Ha-ha no, outside ha-ha” Jay had never heard something so ridiculous in all his life. Although Barry would have giggled a little, he felt so down, the fact he may have lost his family and precious daughter restrained him from living.

After leaving Barry behind, this gave him time to think about his next moves. It wasn’t long until he had been informed that there is a phone call for Barry. The hype of being able to talk to his family was once again refilled; he could talk to his family, voice to voice. It was better than being sent depressing letters, he had thought. He dashed as fast as possible to the phone awaiting him.

“H-hello, give me a second...” Barry answered the phone, not realising that he had lost his breath from the running. In fact he felt a little exhausted; the other person on the end of the call ended the call. Whoever it was certainly doesn’t like heavy breathing.

The moment that call ended, Barry was deprived once more, left alone feeling sorry for him. The tears then begun to circle around his hands, leaving small pools of tears that were slowly moving down his skin. He had felt so heartbroken, being left in a place for criminals, he felt mistreated.

The position Barry was now in, he had felt that faith is draining rapidly. He also felt no more urges to answer incoming calls; in fact he just lay there parched against the cracked walls, holding onto the phone with is dear life. He just pleaded for the guilt to leave, he pleaded for his family to return. All the pleading in the world won’t save him; he knew this although he wanted to forget this...

Thankfully to the people who did care about Barry, Jay and his two friends came across the upset Barry, they had just finished swimming outside in the pools. “Barry, what’s a matter bro?” Jay asked, stepping back a step away from the upset Barry. Jay’s two friends could see that it looked like a suicide attempt, after all the phone cord was around Barry’s neck. Though it wasn’t intended...

Caring enough to keep Barry alive, the two friends of Jay’s called for police help. While Jay just stood there shocked. The police help soon arrived, while the two friends of Jay haven’t returned. Off course Jay noticed this; in fact he even asked this as Barry was being given the help he needed.

“Where are Lucas and Jake?” Jay asked, feeling really uncomfortable standing next to an officer.

“We can talk about that after your friend here, after he is helped...” the officer had given Jay a simple response, as he struggled to lift Barry onto his feet.

“Look, if you’ve done anything to them, I’ll smash this phone off your freaking head!” Jay lost his temper instantly, flash backs of his past memories caused him to lose it at the officer. The officer was feeling intimidated from such violent behaviour. Although it is what he signed up for...?

“R-relax just put down the phone and everything will be fine alright” the policeman shook from the fact he is unprotected from protecting himself. The officer was missing his self protection kit, yet he did have his radio to rely on. Jay maybe in rage, though he is not stupid.

Jay still armed with a phone, it may not seem like a weapon to many people, though any object can be a weapon if it’s used properly. Even in an offensive way, or violent ways of holding a weapon, it can still be call a weapon. Jay crushed the officer’s hand, stopping him from reaching the radio.

“Do you think I’m stupid or something, I’m not going to just let you get that thing you talk into” Jay started to lose his mind, still unknown to the officer why Jay is reacting like this. The violence soon escalated further, as Jay sprung into the injured officer delivering a strong punch into his jaw.

“O-ouch” The officer finally shouted he could have done this earlier. It was unclear to why he hadn’t have called for help. I guess the fact Jay was a misunderstood male, this officer had known Jay thanks to his wife who is also a Police officer. She has been Jay’s mentor, it all became clear to the officer instantly, why Jay is acting like this, although is violence should not happen anymore...

Thanks to the officer’s shriek that sounded like a scream, other officers ran over to his position. Supporting the badly wounded officer, Barry however, he was still sleeping against the wall. The question the officers did ask was very well known to why they would ask this. It was one of the most common questions someone would ask in this situation.

“Why are they free-roaming outside the cells anyway, you need to escort Johnny, it’s a well known rule” the two supporting officers said, while walking with him rested on their shoulders. Jay was still in his moment of sudden anger. Which lead Jay to almost killing Barry, the other officers shown up luckily, to take Jay away back to his mentor?

“G-get off me, I don’t want to go back there!” Jay shouted, with all the shouting that had happened, Barry awoken from his sleep. Still not forgetting why he is against this wall, he had lost his family most likely. Even his daughter is neglecting him, who knows if Mary is thinking the same.

“Mr Timmins, I did not expect you to break this rule too” Sarah shown up after all, she had became more of a protagonist, although she felt she was becoming more of a mentor for Barry.

Barry was hardly fully awake; he didn’t even ask why he was being nagged at. He kept drifting off back to sleep, until after all the walking with Sarah and her helper Jenny. Barry was soon awakened with a very sudden disturbance, which lead Barry to be thrown across a table. Sarah never lets anyone take more power than her; it is what she had been training for.  Jenny on the other hands, she was just following commands from which she was assigned with, which was indeed Sarah.

“W-wake up, and talk to me why you were out of your cell!” Sarah shouted, keeping Barry awake for her soon to be a conversation. Jenny asked if she could leave, yet she was interrupted by Sarah’s dominance over this place.

“Can me lea-“Jenny asked, rudely interrupted by Sarah. “No, you stay here now!” Sarah screamed, slapping Jenny off her feet. Poor Jenny was not expecting such force in Sarah’s sudden slap. Funny enough she wasn’t expecting Sarah to be getting violent. The anger inside of Sarah was to do with Barry, although she had never been good at staying calm for people who aren’t responsible.

Barry awoke from the sudden violence Sarah committed on her helper Jenny. Which lead to Barry losing his temper once more, causing the two of them to have one big rowel at each other? Sarah informed Barry that she is the leader; she is the one who will become the Chief sooner or later.

“Barry, oh good you’re awake, it’s about time you awake from that rude deep sleep of yours” Sarah said sarcastically. Barry felt Sarah’s rudeness had only just begun, so this argument was already predicted by many, although Jenny was still on the floor in pain.

“Sarah, you don’t understand, I am not here to deprive you from your role of being powerful” Barry tried to reason with Sarah, after all the pain he had experience today and yesterday, it seemed to make sense. Jenny however finally lost it with her leader, standing up to deliver slaps.

A fight had begun thanks to Jenny; she had stood up ignoring the pain Sarah had done to her. Holding back a distanced hand, soon launching her hand across Sarah’s left cheek. The force wasn’t as strong as Sarah’s, although it was enough to unsteady Sarah’s stance. Barry saw this as an opportunity to escape and reveal that Sarah is a criminal.

“Barry, I need to be honest okay, Sarah is hiding away a letter from you!” Jenny shouted, as Sarah grasped onto Jenny’s left shoulder. Soon dragging her down onto the floor, the both of them now scratching each other; this looked like something bloody. Barry was outraged with that truth Jenny had revealed, although Barry didn’t care. In fact this just caused him to have another nervous breakdown.

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