World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


3. Evacuating & The Holding Cell...

Chapter 3: Evacuating & The Holding Cell...

Dear Father,

I have moved away from the house with Mother, they say that it’s to get away from the dangers. The truth is, we tried to find out why we had to move, they said the word “evacuation” a few times, I guess we are being evacuated from our homes. I wrote this to let you know, since Mother isn’t taking this too well, she misses you. Look, I can’t write anymore, just get back to your Mary!

Lots of love from, Staci ___

Barry received this letter this morning, after a hard day of being left in the holding cell. He felt emotional from reading a letter from his one and only daughter. The truth was, he never ever got a letter from his daughter as she grew up. The last latter he got or even a card from his daughter was a get well soon dad card. Barry remembers that he had treasured that card, since he may never receive another one as heart warming as that, maybe from other people yes, but his daughter, no...

“Barry Timmins, follow me please” a female Policeman said, ordering Barry lightly to follow her.

There was no discussion really; he had just done what he had been told. After all, his court meeting is in one more day, it was kind of ironic how his hearing is now on his daughter’s birthday. Barry gulped, he had been a little outraged since the Policeman stole his phone. Along with placing poor Barry in a holding cell, it just didn’t feel like a fair punishment.

After the not very long walk past the locked up prisoners grunting, Barry had finally reached the determination room. He realised that he is going to be questioned, lying to them is not going to help one bit. Barry had made up his mind up to be reasonable, to make his mind up clearly. He then took one finally deep breath, moving into the room with a forced smile showing on his face.

“Ah, Mr Timmins so glad you could join us... take a seat please” one of the officer’s asked, he had been very kind to say that. Although Barry already knew that is just an act technique.

“O-okay, well thanks I guess...” Barry mumbled, focussing on the male officer who sat beside him. Faced opposite Barry was the female officer, she seemed to be the one to do the questioning.

“Mr Timmins, my name is Sarah, Officer Sarah to you, and as for others it’s different” The female officer introduced herself, Barry couldn’t have cared less whether she introduced herself or not.

“Alright, well you already know my name, Mr Timmins...” Barry rudely interrupted Officer Sarah, off course this changed the way Sarah thought about him.

“One more false interruption or disruption like that, and you’re be on the thin ice” the female officer said, Sarah felt very powerful to give such a threat to a man she had secretly fallen in love with. Although the male officer sat next to Barry, he was bored from sitting there.

Barry was starting to feel comfy once he had given such back chat to a higher class member of society. In fact Barry felt the need to push this a little further; Sarah tried to not get lost in Barry’s cute charms. The male officer had now fallen asleep.

“Mr Timmins, were you driving past the limit and at the scene of this crime, were you drinking or anything that you shouldn’t be doing while driving?” Sarah asked, coming up with more difficult questions to ask Barry. She focussed all her brain power on bringing Barry down, it was her intention, after what Sarah believes in, no one will talk to me in a bad manner.

“I may have been driving over the limit; I did not drink or anything else though!” Barry started with a calm voice, losing his temper with the ignorance that Sarah is presenting.

Barry slammed his left knuckle on the table, creating a disruption to Sarah’s thinking. The sound was not loud enough to wake up the male officer, Barry sighed for having such an idiot next to him. Sarah then begun to write down things on her notepad, Barry was curious to what she is writing.

“Do you mind, this is not for you to see, it’s for the government and only my eyes to see” Sarah said, pushing Barry away from her, although secretly Sarah enjoyed Barry being closer to her. She wished it had lasted a little longer, Barry soon flipped his lid.

“Assaulting a civilian, isn’t that a rule in your stupid rulebook, huh?” Barry said, creating more disruption to Sarah’s thinking. He also used this as blackmail to create tension, hoping that delivering blackmail to an officer would get him out of trouble. After all, Barry did not like these officers one bit, Sarah was most likely not even focussing on her job. Although it may have looked like it, Barry picked up on Sarah’s laziness, along with her lack of being social.

“Assaulting-Assaulting a civilian, do you really think I like it here?!”  Sarah screamed from the top her voice, causing a loud echo down the halls in the Police station. Barry giggled; smirking from the fact Sarah had admitted the truth about her job. She had said what Barry was thinking this whole time; in fact he even started to like Sarah a little more when she had lost her temper. Who knows why...?

It had only been a single day on being in a Police Station. From the holding cell to another room, Barry had thought that he had most likely better get prepared for another boring day in a Police station. Sarah never said anything else, she was disgusted with Barry’s behaviour, even more annoyed with the fact she had been blushing. Barry noticed this before she noticed; this only made Barry feel a little stronger than Sarah.

The guards did not see eye to eye with Barry, instead they placed him back in the holding cell. Since one more day won’t hurt, although it would... his daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, he would feel so let down if he misses it. Staci had been a little upset lately too, after going through a sudden evacuation routine, Barry wasn’t too sure he would get to see his daughter or wife again.

Inside the holding cell once again, Barry was soon getting into many conversation with many convicts. Criminals also, they had been getting into groups to talk about their lives. Barry’s first conversation didn’t go too well... maybe if he had been a little meaner or kinder, who knows?

“Hey, so what the heck are you in for then punk?” A criminal asked, laughing with his two friends.

“N-nothing really, just got in that’s all” Barry said, feeling a little intimidated with two tall guys looking at him. It didn’t feel right; it felt a little scary if Barry had to be honest.

“Ha-ha, sure you just got in, you crack me up” – the criminal said, while his two friends on the other hand asked a second question. “Speaking of crack, want to buy some?” Their conversation ended thanks to three officers who overheard the crack talk.

Barry felt a little relieved that the tall people were gone, he actually felt as if pressure had been removed. The guy remaining introduced himself, I guess he liked Barry’s guts, literally. “My name is Jo, but you can call me Jay, why? Because it’s my name alright” The man said, he didn’t sound like he cared about Barry, he was very mean. Even his voice sent chills down Barry’s spine.

“Do you feel like a chill has gone down your spine?” Jay asked, Barry started to feel the pressure rising once again. It wasn’t long until he felt as if needed more air.

“Oh never mind it’s probably this radiator, it’s on cold after all” Jay said, Barry was relieved to hear such news; his pressure had gone once again. Although the sweat on his face, it did make Jay questioned Barry further.

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