World War III - Reunited!

World War III? - They say that this was never supposed to come, well it has. Not only are all parents now pleading for their families to stick together, there are more serious pastures in life. Sadly for this family, they will soon find out what it means to be a family. They will learn the strengths and weaknesses in each other, welcome to Hell...

Barry and Mary Timmins, the parents of their daughter Staci. It's going to be very serious, the father will soon have to join up for War. No longer serving his family justice, he will be like bait for the other countries. This War has no end, why? - Because we have no idea how it all started...


2. Barry’s Experience in a Timmins

Chapter 2: Barry’s Experience in a Timmins

Barry had been driving for many hours now, trying to clear his head from the dangerous thoughts of returning to be bullied by his own flesh and blood again. At first he would have accepted returning back to his one and only home, to talk some sense into his mid-teen daughter. Before preparing to drive back to his so called home, he had decided to call an old friend.

“Hello, it’s me Barry; you were right about my d-daughter n-not loving me...” Barry said with a sigh, the stranger on the other side of the phone soon replied.

“Ha-ha, like I said before, she was certainly going to overpower you in a lot of things” The stranger said with a deep voice, laughing from what he had heard from his so called friend.

“Laugh it up, you won’t be the only one laughing though, I shall prove to you I’m a good father” Barry lost his temper, soon being told to relax, after all it was just a joke.

“R-relax bro, I don’t need another charity case on my back, I’ve got enough with them pigs all over me” his friend said, judging from the way he said those words, he sounded deadly serious.

Barry knew that this old friend does not like to me messed around with, he remembers back to what happened last time he went behind this guy’s back. He also wonders why he still has this guy as a contact; I guess they managed to become friends in the end, although he never had full trust in him. Barry ended the call instantly, before his old friend could say what he had to say.

The roads were a little busy, many different coloured vans and cars driving past Barry’s window. Travel sickness, he remembers when Mary used to come out with him more than now, when they had time together. It’s completely different now; Barry has to be away from Mary just for the sake of his daughter. It sounds a little too serious doesn’t it; well Barry has to go through this...

“Attention, pull over, pull over now sir!” A policeman had been following Barry the whole time, turning on his sirens as soon as Barry reached the motor way.

“C-crap, I can’t deal with this now...” Barry sighed; he was disgusted with the cops slowing him down, after all. Barry had never been in much trouble with the police, although he does dislike them.

Barry slowed down his driving speed, coming to a stop near a corner. He parked his car on the side of the road, waiting to be told what’s next. As he looked to his right, he had seen a Policeman standing beside his window. He also noticed that the Policeman was speaking, thanks to his incredible lip reading skills, he managed to understand what the Policeman had been saying.

“Roll down your window sir, roll down this window or else” the Policeman said with a threat at the end of his sentence, Barry gulped from hearing such intimidating words.

The conversation between Barry and the Policeman soon commenced, as Barry rolled down his window. He was a little sick from driving this far, now to be stopped under a scorching hot sun. The weather was very warm today, he felt sweat drool down his back, it wasn’t long until he got a little outraged from sitting in his car for too long.

“I’m sorry Sir; do you have any idea what kind of speed limit this road has?” The Policeman asked which off course had been a rhetorical question.

Barry gulped, soon giving the inpatient Policeman a reply. “Y-yes, it’s 30 down this road”, Barry said with a second gulp, hiding away a third in his mind.

“Exactly... you sir have been doing over that limit” the Policeman said with his policeman like voice. He then pulled out a notepad from his left pocket, while clipping his pen to write.

“N-no, I was doing like 25, I always go a little lower to keep in the pace I like” Barry replied, the conversation soon had gotten awkward, when Barry received a phone call.

“D-do you min-, Barry asked, soon being interrupted by the Policeman’s evil look. “Hurry up Sir!” The Policeman replied, Barry presumed that meant yes.

Reaching into his left pocket, Barry lifted out his phone. Answering the call he had been receiving, it was such a bad time to be called by someone. Thank-fully it was Mary; at least that’s what the phone said. Maybe it’s just a lie, if it is he thought, maybe she will call back later. The call kept ringing, as the Policeman’s face soon looked very angry, Barry nervously laughed answering the phone.

“Y-yes” Barry shouted with a grumpy face, trying to put on a smiley face for the Policeman to see.

“We are going to need some more bread, and oh yeah Mother wants some painkillers” the voice said on the other side of the phone. Barry was even more annoyed to hear that Staci had called him, her voice sounded a little more positive than earlier, although Staci maybe sick of her dad.

“O-okay, well Daddy is very busy at the moment... trying to not get arrested” Barry said with a smile, although he felt very grumpy inside. The Policeman soon got very inpatient, placing a ticket on Barry’s forehead, and then going back to his Police car.

Barry was relieved to see that the Policeman is gone, not noticing that a ticket has been stuck to his forehead. Staci was still on the end of the call, listening to Barry celebrating. She most likely thought her father had gone a little loopy, more loopy than usual, she had thought.

“Daddy, daddies are you there?” Staci screamed, ringing Barry’s ears while almost giving her poor dad a headache. Barry replied with a very simple yes, not long before realizing the Policeman is returning.

“Y-yes, look I g-got to go, there is business a foot, as your mother would say” Barry said with a very fake grin, smiling with how much trouble his in. He ended the call before Staci could even say I love you, or a pleasant good bye. Although Staci may never say, love to her Father.

“R-right Sir, that ticket should cover up the disturbance you’ve committed, then I am going to have to ask you to get in my car” the Policeman said, still writing on his notepad the damage prices.

Barry felt uncomfortable for being asked such a command. “Get into his car” – sounds a little intruding to me, Barry soon agreed, although he felt sick from thinking about what the Policeman meant. Sadly due to Barry’s day dreaming, he was dragged out of his car, not long before waking up. Finding that he is now inside the Policeman’s car, locked in? – This was not a great day at all...

The waiting now commences, Barry realised that waiting here is his only option. Instead of sitting there calmly, he begun to freak out with what may happen to him. He then questioned the Policeman, “What about my car?” – It was a stupid question for such a person to ask. Although the Policeman felt a little kind enough to tell him distinctively that his car is being towed.

“That madness on wheels, oh- well that is going to be towed for further notices” the Policeman said, describing Barry’s car as trouble on wheels, since that he had thought that. It made Barry feel a little depressed, not because his car had been insulted, this wasn’t the first time he had that. He was upset with the fact; he may have to miss his Daughter’s birthday. He only remembered this, thanks to the Policeman delivering the message to Barry, although he wish he could of heard it from his daughter.

“Your Daughter’s birthday is in 2 days Barry, don’t forget that, well actually...” the Policeman felt the need to rub it in, becoming more of a corrupt cop than someone who follows the law.

“Alright, I get it just drive okay” Barry sighed, interrupting the Policeman from making a bad joke about his situation. Barry was too depressed to care; he just started to think more about his daughter, as he is now being taken to a Police station.

The real problem back at home, Mary Timmins had only just heard the news that her husband is being arrested. Staci had taken it quite well, just to make Barry feel a little happier, Mary lied to her husband. “Staci is in tears Barry, she really loves you after all” Mary said on the phone, Barry’s smile soon begun to light up, as the Policeman ended Barry’s call before he could say anything back.

“Sorry, under the rules of the Law, you are not to make calls to your family” the Policeman said, ending the call quickly, laughing as he threw Barry’s phone under his car seat.

“W-whatever, just get on with it will you” Barry said, he had begun to lose his temper at the Policeman’s bad jokes. The ignorance of such a vile man to annoy a unprotected Father. The nerve of this guy, Barry had thought.

After two hours had passed, Barry arrived at the Police station, funny enough Barry had fallen asleep half way there. The Policeman had to drag Barry to the station, using this as the opportunity to hand cuff Barry, just another joke. The Policeman laughed quietly, hiding away Barry’s phone inside the Police car’s boot. They had now arrived; sleeping Barry needs to be finally awakened!

“W-wake up Barry” the Chief Policeman said, he had lost his temper the moment Barry ignored his questions. It wasn’t long until Barry had been placed under custody; he is not yet to face the court, what an unlucky Father. The Policeman laughed along with the Chief Policeman, they had found this prank hilarious, and not even the guards questioned what was so funny.

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