The Leap

This is about a girl named Mandy who falls in the love
With one of the biggest boy bands ever.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Mandy's POV
    It was winter when I  was walking by the lake with Niall. He pushed me in playfully. 
    "That's not cool, Niall!" I screamed. 
    He smiled. He put his hand out. I grabbed it and pulled him in to. He started laughing. 
    "You meanie.." He said. 
    "Hey, you did it first!" 
    Even though we were freezing we didn't get out of the lake. We kept scooting closer to each other. He was staring into my eyes. 
    "What?" I said. 
    He didn't reply. He kept staring. He leaned in and kissed me. Niall was always my best friend. I never thought he liked me like that, but as soon as he kissed me, I could tell it was right.  
         My aunt jumped on me
    "Wake up, Mandy! Time for your concert."
    I reluctantly got out of bed and  picked out my clothes.     
                                   7 hours later
      My aunt stood outside while I went to meet them. I gave Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn each a hug. When I came up to Niall, I said, "I'm Mandy."                            "I'm Niall." he replied.
      "I know who you are." I said. He laughed at that. I was getting really nervous. I mean who wouldn't when you are talking to an extremely hot pop star? I could feel the sweat on my hands. It was starting to get really gross."I love your laugh." I said in a sweet, soft voice. I realized what and how I said that. I kind of thought I was flirting a little bit.
     "I love your eyes." he said back. Was he flirting back or was it just me? I giggled at that. I didn't really know what else to say or do. I was holding my phone in my hand, and he just took it from me. I wasn't complaining though. He gave me my phone back and told me he out his number in. I was surprisingly okay with that. I would never let a stranger out their number in my phone, but Niall wasn't a stranger. I said goodbye and walked away with a smirk on my face. 
                            Niall's POV
  Woah.. I've never met a girl like that. I mean girls flirt with me all the time, but that was not normal. There was something special there. Yep. Something real special..
"NIALL!!" Harry waved his hand in front of my face. "Stop drooling, you blonde weirdo," 
"Huh?!" I jumped back. I wiped my chin off. I actually was drooling oops.
"What was that about? Something on your mind?" Harry asked. "C'mon, Nialler, you can tell me," 
Harry was very convincing. He was gonna find out anyways, so I told him everything. 

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