Why me?!

A young girl, Callie-Rose, finnaly gets 3 tickets to a 1D concert for her b-day!, 1 for her, 1 for her friend Abi and another for her other friend Katie, she has the best time off her life, but secretly her friends, got in contact with 1D and get 1D sing a happy birthday song to her.

as soon as Niall set his eyes upon Callie...


1. The Concert!

~Callie's POV~

I walked home, both my arms linked with Katie's and Abi's, but Abi was much taller than me so it was kind of a struggle, by the time we got to the door, I got my keys out, only to drop them, I picked them up, and muttered, "Butter fingers...!'', When I had finally opened the door, I ran strait up the stairs shouting, " Abi, change in the bathroom! and Katie in the other one!", I had only just heard them both say, "yes sir!". I came out, and walked over to the couch, I was wearing some cream coloured short shorts, a tank top with a kiss mark on it, and a 1D hoodie the colour was blue(ish) green(ish), and some union jack converse, soon the other two came out, Abi was wearing some longer shorts, and a plain t-shirt, and a 1D hoodie, with some sandals, and Katie was wearing some jeans, a tank top, and  1D hoodie, and some normal converse. We burst into major laughter, "Ok girls ready?!" I said, already walking to the door, "yepedoda!" the both said, "Ok then, lets goo!". We were finally in the car, finally on our to a 1D concert.

 We were finally there, at the stadium, as we were 5 hours early we were hoping to have a advantage, but no!, we weren't the only people with the same Idea... "shit.." I muttered under my breathe, "lets line up now, so we don't have to wait any second longer!" Katie said urging us to go, "ok lets face the music" Abi muttered. We've been waiting for over 2 hours, and we were finally at the top of the queue, we showed the man our tickets, he nodded and let us through!< "FINALLY!" I screamed, "To right, any way, where's our seating.. Abi!" Katie wondered, "Oh, right, err, 5th row in the middle!" Abi squealed, "OH MY GOD!" Katie and I screeched, "lets go!" I said grabbing hold of Abi's and Katie's wrist, and dragging them to our seats. We've been talking for 3 hours, about the 1D concert, and what songs they are gonna sing and co until, the lights went down.., suddenly the speakers buzzed and shouted, "ARE YOU READY, FOR THE BEST NIGHT EVER!"


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