Orphan House

Tien is a Vietnamese girl living with her English adoptive parents. They move to an abandoned orphanage where Tien soon starts seeing things. At first she thinks she's going crazy. But when her baby brother starts talking to thin air she begins to wonder if there is another explanation. When she finds the diary of one of the old social workers her worst fears are realised.


6. Chapter 6

Not long after they’d moved back Tien was left babysitting Keemo. They watched Thomas the Tank engine, and ate cookies. Before she gave him a bath and read him Topsy and Tim. She then turned on his jungle sounds cd, switched on the nightlight and turned off the main light. She crept downstairs and sat watching an episode of Doctor Who. She felt herself nodding off. Getting sleepier and sleepier until she finally went.


Tien woke with a start to the sound of Keemo screaming. She jumped up and raced up the stairs. “It’s ok Keemo I’m here. Don’t cry.” She went up to his toddler bed. “What’s wrong sweetie?” Keemo pointed to the corner of the room. Tien turned and nearly screamed. Standing in the corner were two small boys in identical 1920’s clothing. But that wasn’t what was wrong. The boy’s had no heads. She quickly grabbed Keemo and ran down the hall. She stopped when she saw the top of the stairs. Standing there was a boy his skin and hair and some flesh had been melted off. The eye sockets seemed to burn with hate. Thinking quickly she rushed towards him and tried to rush past. She felt him shove her and she fell downstairs clutching Keemo. She felt a pair of hands grabbing her and slowing down her fall. She briefly saw a girl about 11 standing there with her throat slit, before her head hit the floor and she was knocked out.


When she came round her parents were trying to wake her. “Tien please wake up sweetie.” Her mum cried desperately. “Mum I’m fine.”

“What happened?” her dad asked clutching Keemo. “Keemo had a nightmare so I went to take him downstairs. I guess I must of fell.” She lied. Her parents looked at each other. “Well as long as you’re ok. We’ll take you to the hospital if your heads hurting later.” She nodded slowly and stood up. Keemo stared at her a curious look in his eyes. It was like he was thinking didn’t you see her? Tien spent the day playing with Keemo. He kept looking at the wall and waving. At one point their mum came up and sat with them. “Who are you waving at sweetie?” she asked. “My friend.”

“Really, what does your friend look like?” Keemo pointed to a picture he’d been drawing. Tien and her mum looked at the picture. It was a little girl with blonde hair in pigtails.  She wore a mint green chequered dress and white buckled shoes. But thing that caught Tien’s eyes was the rope, it was tied round her wrists and round her neck. “Keemo what’s this?” Their mum asked her voice trembling. “My friend.” He smiled sweetly at them. This is her brother. He pointed to another picture, a little boy with blonde hair. He wore a green check shirt and black shoes. There was a rope tied round his hands and neck too. Tien knew who they were straight away. Edward and Tracy Underwood. “What’s with the rope?” she asked. Keemo stopped smiling. “The bad lady tied them up.” His voice was a low whisper. Tien looked at her mum. Should she tell her? Would she believe her? Or would she think she’d been putting ideas into her brother’s head? Her mum was staring at Keemo in horror. Keemo kept colouring in a picture of a boat. Feeling awkward Tien got up and went upstairs to her room. She sat on the bed listening. Silence. She was about to lie down when out of the corner of her eye she spotted something. A black leather diary peeking out from behind the chest of drawers. It wasn’t hers that was for sure. Bending down and picking it up she could see it was a very old diary. She opened it up and read the first page.


January 1st

We began last year. At the end of this year it will be complete. I fear by them I will lose not only my conscience but also my sanity. The rituals of the Argen tribe must be completed. If we are to ensure the safety of the surviving children. It’s a shame to lose the ones who have to be sacrificed. But this curse must be lifted. I can only pray for my soul. I don’t have long for this earth. When the year ends so shall my life.


Tien looked at the page heart racing. Could this be it? The reason behind all the deaths? Who was this person? Who were the Argen tribe? Maybe if she found out she could bring peace to these restless spirits. Tien Quickly turned to the next page. She had a lot of research to do.

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