Orphan House

Tien is a Vietnamese girl living with her English adoptive parents. They move to an abandoned orphanage where Tien soon starts seeing things. At first she thinks she's going crazy. But when her baby brother starts talking to thin air she begins to wonder if there is another explanation. When she finds the diary of one of the old social workers her worst fears are realised.


4. Chapter 4

It was nearly lunchtime the next day when Tien’s parents came home. She heard the car pull into the drive as she was coming down the stairs to the kitchen. She rushed to the door and swung it open. “Hey there Tia baby.” Her dad called pulling her in for a hug. “Come and meet your baby brother.” Her mum came up to them clutching a small bundle. Tien peered at the tiny infant inside. “This is Keemo.” Her mother whispered. “Isn’t he sweet?” Tien smiled. “Very.” They invited the whole neighbourhood to celebrate. They first planned to have a barbeque until the heavens opened. The burgers and hot dogs went on the grill and the living room was cleared for space. The dining room chairs were brought in to provide more seating. Not many guests had arrived when Tien saw someone she recognised, the younger policeman. “Hey Tien. Found anything interesting on this old house?” Tien stopped dead. “H-how did you?” he laughed. “Oldest trick in the book. Tell a kid not to do something and they jump at the chance.” Tien felt herself go red. How hadn’t she seen it? Still she couldn’t complain. “So what have you found?” startled she jumped. “Oh sorry. Well I found some newspaper clippings. I’ll go get them.” She raced up stairs nearly crashing into her mum. “Careful. And be quiet. Keemo’s sleeping.” She nodded and rushed past. She grabbed her clippings and raced back downstairs. “Hey got them.” The policeman took them and started flicking through. A small notebook dropped to the floor. “Hey what’s this?” looking down Tien recognised its check board design.  “That’s just…” He bent down and picked it up. Tien felt her heart sink when she saw what page it had landed open on. “A chart eh?”

“Oh that’s nothing. It’s just uh…”

“So you can see them too? I had my suspicions after you mentioned the girl. No one’s seen any of them that early on into coming here.” Tien’s face must have looked bewildered because he stopped short. “Whoops you won’t know what I’m talking about. You see this place has been haunted since before it had just been made an orphanage. Thing is a lot of people have seen the ghosts. Occasionally, and very briefly. The only people who’ve seen them properly and regularly are me, my granddad and you by the looks of it. You see I needed you to do me a favour. I need to find out why there are so many ghosts. But I can’t do any snooping. I’ve got no reason for a search warrant. But you live here. You could look round. My granddad kept mentioning a woman called Mrs Spencer. Think you’re up for the challenge?” Tien grinned. “I guess I’ve already started.” He grinned back. “Oh hey Mr Keats I wanted to ask you about the radio you’ve got.” He went off to talk to Tien’s dad.


Keemo was only a few months old when her parents gave the news. Her dad needed to go away for a couple of years and the whole family was going. “We’re not moving permanently. We’ll rent the house until we get back.” Tien nodded. It didn’t take long to pack because all the furniture was staying. As they pulled out of the drive Tien turned to look at it. It was strange the old house drove her insane. But she didn’t want to leave. Guess the investigation will have to wait she thought as she twisted back round and sat down. It was going to be a long journey.

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