Journey to the interior of your heart


1. Journey to the interior of your heart

arteries and veins

there’re numerous ways

to reach the destination

that is your heart

to crack it open

and leave it like that

medically it’s not that hard to do

surgeons probably do it few times a day

but I've got a feeling

this time it won’t work that way

it seems like the problem is set in your brain

and it torns your heart apart

and makes you forget about the feelings inside

and it changes entirely who you are

I don’t like it that way

‘cause you are no longer yourself

you don’t seem to  notice

anything you used to

and it makes it a lot harder

to put up with you


I don’t want  to change you

no, it’s not like that

I just miss the man

that I looked forward to see

but you’re no longer

that man to me

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