I Can't leave You.

Ally and Rosie have been best friends since birth-literally. It's all going well, yeah they argue, fall out, disagree but everything is going fine perfect. Well, until now. They've just started secondary school, with a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends, Ally starts to wonder weather they can really be best friends forever.


2. U don't get it

Dear Diary...

                       Okay, today was a really good day. Not. It started at morning break, I sat Ros down on the wooden bench in the corner and got to business.

"Listen, Ros. Do you want to be best friends with Sara now? Not me?" I asked casually.

"What? Sara? Oh Yeah! We had fun last night. Hah hah! It was so funny!" Rosie giggled, she was trying to change the subject, I could tell. 

"No listen Ros! Do you still want to be my best friend?"

"What? Of course! Why wouldn't I Al?"

"I don't know, you were just...well...I felt left out!"

"I thought you were busy."

"You could have called or texted or asked me!" 

"So you weren't busy?"



"Heya!" Sara bounded up too us, smiling cheerfully. "Yesterday was sooo fun! Shame you were busy Ally, you missed out on it all!" 

"Ughh!" I got up and ran off, holding in the tears. When I got to the far side of the field I lean't against a tree and let the tears flow.


See! OMG! It's terrible. I've been ignoring everyone's texts all day. I haven't checked but I bet out of six texts only one/two is from Rosie. Now im going to hide under my duvet and cry dramatically into a pillow!

             Love Ally xxx :'(  

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