I Can't leave You.

Ally and Rosie have been best friends since birth-literally. It's all going well, yeah they argue, fall out, disagree but everything is going fine perfect. Well, until now. They've just started secondary school, with a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends, Ally starts to wonder weather they can really be best friends forever.


5. Nice to see you...again

Dear Diary...

                    Guess who I saw today...you wont guess...really...okay...okay...i'll tell you...I suppose...here goes...NICK MC'CARTER!!!

My heart skipped a beat, I felt faint, I felt that warm fuzzy feeling inside me, like when Patsy Darner asked me if I wanted to go to her party in Year 2. Of course, as we are BEST BEST BESTEST X2 friends, Rosie noticed all these things. She followed my gaze,

" Ooh! Nick Mc'Carter." I sigh. "You have the fuzzy feeling?" Rosie ask's sympathetically; I nod. "Your heart has skipped a beat?" 


"And you feel faint?" I nod, again. "Al. I'm afraid your a victim!"

"Of what?"

" Loveaphobea." I laugh.

"Hey Ally." Nick wink's at me with a cheeky grin.

"Hey Nick." I say as casually as I can, although inside I feel weak. "Its, ugh, nice to see you...again."

"You too." Nick grins again and saunters off towards his mates.


So everything is going perfect, except I have a bad case of Loveaphobea (say's Ros). Should I be worried?

              Love Ally xxx :D

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