I Can't leave You.

Ally and Rosie have been best friends since birth-literally. It's all going well, yeah they argue, fall out, disagree but everything is going fine perfect. Well, until now. They've just started secondary school, with a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends, Ally starts to wonder weather they can really be best friends forever.


3. Bus stop

Dear Diary...

                     I now don't even sit next to Rosie on the bus! Okay. I'll explain.


I climbed onto the bus at my local bus stop and made my way through the crowded students to the seats where Rosie and I normally sat. But I found someone (guess who) was sat in my seat. I saw Rosie nudge Sara and the look of guilt on her face. Sara nudged her back harder and almost shouted,

"Hey! Rosie. Isn't that Ally?" I see Rosie nod, not wanting to look me in the eye. 

"Yeah, i'm Ally, good you got your facts right.Oh! Except one. That's my seat."  Sara pretends to look surprised.

"Oh! Is it? I'm sorry I didn't know. It looks like the bus is going to move now though so its dangerous for us to move. Umm... you'll have to sit over there. Sorry." Sara try's to hide her smirk with a grin but I can still tell it's there. I, bite my lip but pretend to look like I don't care; I sit down next too... NICK MC'CARTER! I feel like a cant breath, as my heart starts to beat faster and I feel my checks start to flame red. 

"Hey Ally!" Nick smiles. OMG HE KNOWS MY NAME! Is all I can think. It's a minute before I realize I need to reply.

"Oh. Hey." I say casually, trying to act like I didn't notice him. His sandy blonde hair falls into his eyes and his ocean blue eyes sparkle playfully. The freckles on his lightly tanned face stand out in the sunlight and all I can think is "Thanks Sara!".

I sat down on the seat next to him and we hit off straight away. Really! I'm not joking. He loves The Simpsons, I do too; He hates English, I do too; He loves water melon, I DO TOO!!! 


Today has been quite a good day now I think about it, oh, except the Rosie problem I still have that to sort out.

                      Love Ally xxx :D/:(


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