I Can't leave You.

Ally and Rosie have been best friends since birth-literally. It's all going well, yeah they argue, fall out, disagree but everything is going fine perfect. Well, until now. They've just started secondary school, with a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends, Ally starts to wonder weather they can really be best friends forever.


4. Back together

Dear Diary...

                      Rosie and I, I and Rosie, Ros and Al, Al and Ros. She came back to me! 

I climbed onto the bus expecting to see Rosie and Sara sat in the same place but, they weren't! Rosie's face light's up when she see's me and she pat's the seat next to her. I smile and go and sit down. 

"Al. I'm sooo sorry I-"

"Ros, it doesn't matter. Let's just forget it and be happy." I grin. A smile spread's across Rosie's face and we both laugh at nothing- as usual! 


It's been a short entry but I need to get to the park, i'm meeting Ros there. 

              Love Ally xxx :D :D 

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