Someone who Knows-One Direction Fan Fiction

Annabeth is not your normal, 18 year old, girl. for starters, she is Prince William and Princess Kate's daughter. She dosn't want to be who she is. She hates fashion, she is tutored at home because of her dyslexia, sports and music are her life, not royalty. She is always in magazines with her best friends, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. What happens when her friends come and stay for 2 months on their break? Will one of them want to be more than friends? What happens when she finds out a huge secret about one one of the boys? Read To Find Out!


2. Best Birthday

I woke up to an unfarmiliar room. Oh yeah. I lived in Kensington Palace now that my mother, Kate, got married to Prince William. Oh well. It wasn't that bad. I had a large bedroom, I was homeschooled, I was finally a master at archery, and the food here is great, and William is SUPER nice and funny. Not as funny as Lou. No Anna. Don't think about them. They forgot you.So you need to forget them. Then, there was a knock on the door."Come in."

"Here you are, M'Lady"

"Thank you Lilly, but can you bring me a spoon?"

"Right away, Miss."

Lilly was my favorite servant. She always had a smile on her face. Then I remembered what day it was. Oh MY GOD! Today was my 17th Birthday! YES! I wonder what my surprise was this time. Mom always does a surprise for me every year. I jumped out of my bed, and ran over to my closet. I grabbed my phone on the way there, and pulled up my favorite song by the boys. "And now we're makin all the same mistakes." I sang along to the song. I put on a green and pink zigzag shirt, white jeans, and pink, high heeled, ankle boots. I grabbed my pink shoulder bag, stuffed my phone and wallet in there, and headed downstaires. I ran into the massive kitchen, grabbed an apple, and walked over to the library. I grabbed The Hunger Games. I love this book. Even though it's hard to read it because of my dyslexia. I'm at the part when Cinna makes Katniss 'The Girl on Fire', when William walkes in and tells me my mom wants to see me. I get up and run out. I am a master at running in heels. I get to mom, and ask her what we'll do today. She tells me we're going shopping, having lunch at my favorite place(NANDO'S!!! reminds me of Nialler...), then going to a concert. When I ask her who, she tells me it's a secret. We head out(Will said he's not a shopper), and go to Urban Outfitters first. I get a couple of outfits. Next, Forever 21. More outfits. Then, Vera Bradley. New purse! Next, American Eagle. I see the perfect shirt. It's a One Direction shirt. I also get a Rolling Stones tee. I grab a blue blazer. Reminds me of Harry. Next... NANDO'S!!!! Once we eat, we go back home. Mom finally tells me who the band is.

"Time to see your old friends!"

"It's a One Direction concert! NO WAY!"

"now, go get changed."

I run up to my room, throw on my One Direction tee, my blue blazer, skinny jeans, my grey uggs, and my grey hoodie. I throw me One D cover on my phone, and stuff it in my back pocket. I was ready.

We get there, and we go in front row seats. The lights go down, and the boys run out. I put my hood up. It was loud, but really fun. at the end, they did twitter questions. I sent in a question, and it appeared on the screen.

"I'll take this one. Who was your favorite childhood friend?"said Liam."Well we all had the same friend. her name was Anna. She was the one who introduced us to each other. She was amazing." he said. I started to tear up. They said their goodnights, and then ran off the stage. We had meet and greet with the boys along with a couple other lucky girls. I got there last, just as I wanted. I sent Liam a text:

AwesomeAnna:):You remember me?

Leeyum;): youre heer?

AwesomeAnna:):standing right in front of you guys

He looks up and I take off my hoodie. He widens his eyes, and nudges Harry, who was right next to him. Harry gasps, and runs up.

"You're here! We missed you so much!" he said and hugged me. I walk up to Niall.

"Hey Nialler. Vas Happenin' Zayn. LOULOU! I'm here!" A grin spreads across my face as all 5 of them hug me at once. It was the best birthday ever.

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