Hi, I'm Chantal White, umm, actually I am Lisa Simons but I am an undercover agent from the FBI. I am a undercover bodyguard for One Direction, But they don't know it. But what happend if I fall in love with one of them...... Just read!


7. You'll see

3 days later Chantal came out the hospital.

She and Harry were good friends.

But what happend with Zayn?


What was Zayn doing?

He has a girlfriend, Perrie.

So why is he kissing with that girl?

Well... He is handsome and can catch every girl....

F*ck, I did it again. Maybe I'll take pictures and sent them to Perr...

No so mean am I not, well actually I am but...

Perrie doesn't deserve that Zayn's with another girl.

I take some pictures and send it to Perrie.

And yeah, now you ask how I have Perrie's number.

It's a long story, and I don't want to tell it now.


Perrie: who are you?

Chantal: Umm a fan. And I don't want you seeing hurt when you see it by yourself.

Perrie: what are you talking about?

Chantal: I saw, Zayn kissing with another girl.

Perrie: who are you, say a name

Chantal: I'm chantal. A friend of Harry and Niall.


Zayn was still kissing with that girl, but then, his telephone rang.

''yeah, but baby I love you, not her. Wait, how do you know it? What, did Chantal say it?

That bitch. No baby please don't dump me, I love you. No, don't hang u...''


He pushed the girl away and walked with an angry face down the street.

Then, he saw me. ''You fucking bitch, why do you tell it?''.

''Zayn, calm down. You know she would've find out soon.

''It doesn't matter''. He picked my up and throw me in his car.

''Zayn what are you doing!!??''

''you've got a punishment''

''what do you mean?''

''now I don't have a girlfriend, you're my girlfriend.

And you're going to do everything I say''.

''And what if I don't do it?''

''you'll see''






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