Hi, I'm Chantal White, umm, actually I am Lisa Simons but I am an undercover agent from the FBI. I am a undercover bodyguard for One Direction, But they don't know it. But what happend if I fall in love with one of them...... Just read!


3. The beginning

Chantal/Lisa's pov*

Sometimes I hate One Direction. They think they're the greatest persons in the world!

Why do I have to protect them?! You know who I really can't stand? Harry, he flirts with every girl, even with ME!!!!

It's so uncomfortable. You know them so good and they don't know you! 

~In the pub~

Everybody wants their autograph and a picture with them. Why? OK Zayn and Louis are handsome, but Zayn is so mysterious and agressive, and Louis... Wait, did I just think that they are handome?

Who puts drugs in my coffee? OK I have to promise myself that I am not going to fall in love with one of them.

Great, just when I want to pay my coffee, Niall bumped into me with HIS coffee and now is my shirt 

dirty. But he gives my the coffee of Liam. Not really sweet but the way he looked at me. His deep blue eyes. STOP!! OMG, I promised myself not to fall in love with them! Uggg I hate my life sometimes. I know, I am not in a good mood but they make it worser. Niall aks me to sit with them. Yeah, sure, do I look like I give a f*ck? but OK, I waked with Niall to the table.

'Hey guys this is... erm what's your name?' Niall said. ''I am Chantal'' I said.

''So you're Niall's...princess?'' Zayn said. ''No..No no no no no, he spilled coffee on me and  then he asked if  I want to sit with you guys. ''Well we are...'' ''No I know who you are and I am not a fan so bye'' I said when I walked away. But then Liam ran after me and ask my number. First I didn't give it, but when he said pleas I give him my number. Oh why does the have puppy eyes?



Sorry it's so short. It;s in my country already 03:34 and I have to wake up at 07:00. So I have to go.

PS. I have an exame week so I won't be update a lot. xxx

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