Hi, I'm Chantal White, umm, actually I am Lisa Simons but I am an undercover agent from the FBI. I am a undercover bodyguard for One Direction, But they don't know it. But what happend if I fall in love with one of them...... Just read!


9. I'm his... Goat

Zayn drove us to his house, locked the door and picked me up.

He walked to his bedroom and lay on his bed and he said:

''strip baby''. ''no''. ''yes, or else...''.

''Or else what?'' ''You'll see Harry never again''

''What? OMG, I'm his bodyguard, I have to protect him''.

''Wait, you're is what?''


''No, you said you are his bodyguard''.

''no I don't, I said I'm his goat, yeah, goat''.

''you're his goat?''

He turned around and then, I saw my chance.

I ran to the frontdoor, but is was locked, shit.

Soon I ran to the kitchen, there was an open window!

I climbed out and ran, I ran so hard.

I bumped into someone...

It was Louis.


Shall I update more??


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