Hi, I'm Chantal White, umm, actually I am Lisa Simons but I am an undercover agent from the FBI. I am a undercover bodyguard for One Direction, But they don't know it. But what happend if I fall in love with one of them...... Just read!


5. Am I asleep or awake?


My friends guiny pig is dead so we've had to bury it..

She was 2 weeks long really sad. So I stayed with her for a while.

It's really short ike the other chapters but... yeah.



Ouch I am hurt. 

What was happend. I can't open my eyes but I hear everything.

I want to move but I can't move. Am I asleep or am I awake?

Or... Am I dead?! No that can't be!

Then I heard a familiar voice, It was Harry!

But why am I here?

''Dokter, would she wake up?''

''Maybe she would wake up and know everything, or she cannot wake up.''.

I feel something warm in my hand. What is it?

OMG! It's Harry's hand. He squeezed.

With al my power I tried to squeez his hand.

''Doktor, doktor, she squeezed my hand''

''Well if that's happend she hear everything what we say so you can talk to her''.

''Chantal, Chantal, please wake up. i'ts all my fault''

Then, I feel I could move. I moved my leg but I but I kicked him accidentally.

''Ouch, wait, she moved her leg!!''.

That was the last thing I heard before I fall asleep, again.


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