Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


15. Not that Bad

Charlotte's P.O.V


I walked down the stairs and out his front door. I waved good bye to Jake's mum and seen my dad in his Mercadees with my mum in toe. I smiled, still not feeling like myself like half of myself was left behind Jake in his bed room clinging to his leg never wanting to let go, but afraid of forever. Ever since that night I took Ectasy I wasn't the same...well come to think of it I haven't been the same since I've met Jake but it's not his fault. But eversince I took E I've been feeling more down. I mean, it was never liked I was the peppy type but never like this. My emotions became a roller coaster, I could take any good situation and turn it into a negative in two point five seconds. I couldn't even accept that beautiful locket that Jake was trying to give me.


I felt honored, I knew he wouldn't just give it to some girl but me? I still can't believe how far we've come as a friend ship...I wouldn't say we're dating yet, never took the last step...or at least I haven't agreed to the last step and I didn't because he doesn't deserve me. I don't care how much he says I'm the right one for him and that my mum, the woman who is 'insane' even told me so I still just can't believe it. I know it hurts him, it hurts me too but I'm just not happy. I don't want him to have to drag me around town to this restaurant and this cafe and me not even appreciate it. Gosh this sucks.


I took my seat in the back of my dad's (well technically Louis because Harry is my real father) luxury car. "Hey," He says forcing happiness into his voice but it's so strained I could call bullshit from a mile away.


"Hi," I say staring out the window at the dark sky.


"What's been going with Camile?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders. I didn't want to rehash everything all over again because if he wanted the details that'd mean I'd have to tell him about the situation with Harry and I and I was trying to keep it at the back of my mind.


"It's a long story," I tell him. He's satisfied with this but I can tell he still has something else to say. He puckers his lips and hesitated a moment as if to wait for the right moment to say what he was going to say.


"Tell me when we get home...but I have you signed up for consoling...I think you need it." He says. I feel the inside my veins heating up. I cringe. Great not only me but now my dad thinks I'm psycho, great.


"What?Why?" I ask. He shrugs his shoulders as he pulls into a parking lot. He turns the car off and opens the door. He makes his way around the back of the car and takes my mothers wheel chair out and unfolds it and wheels it over to the passenger seat door.


"I got a phone call about how you got into trouble in school...were in fights, sleeping with boys in town. What's up with you?"He says throwing his hands up over his head and turning around to look at me.


"Dad...let me do what I want." I say defiantly. He never cared before about what I was doing with myself. Not this much anyway. When he found out I was arrested he should've came and bailed me out himself and would've given me that lecture then not now. It's already too late for that.


"No! You'll destroy yourself....end up just like your mother....the same thing happened to her she just went down on a continuous one could stop her and if I can stop someone else from going down that road I will. Now....Dr. Matineiety is ready to see you lets go." He says getting out of the car. I open my car door before he reaches my side. He hands the vale guy a wad of cash to keep an eye on my mother.


"I'll be just a sec, you watch her like a hawk you hear?" My father said through gritted teeth. I've never seen him so angry and a boy look so scared.


"Yessir, I will indeed." He boy said trembling. He was young, just learned to drive probably.I smirked and the boy gave me a worried look. I followed my father into the hospital and we waited on escalators until we were at a big metal door that read PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP in big bold black letters. It felt like I was about to enter hell. The man at the desk asked my father a question as he went to push past the doors.


"Excuse me sir, do you have permission to go back there?" The man asked standing up. He was a tall man, his hair balding. He looked like he was about to throw my father out of the hospital


"Yes, my daughter has an appointment with one of the doctors." He said smoothly, calming down the big tall man.


"Your name sir?" He asked.


"Louis Tomlinson," My dad said boldly, expecting a "Oh my daughter used to be a huge fan of you when she was younger." And what do you know? He got exactly that.


"From One Direction." He man said in a barley audible whisper.


My father nodded."Okay Louis, Charlotte Tomlinson has a counseling  appointment with Dr. Matineiety, this morning at twelve thirty...I just need to phone her and she'll come to get you guys."My dad nodded and I sat down in a comfortable chair. The heavy metal door opens and a girl walks out looking around frantically.


"You have to make sure you keep a good eye on her, she's very unstable and the voices that she's hearing might drive her over the edge." The woman says who's dressed in a nice suite with nice black pumps. She had to be a psychologist, because a regular doctor or nurse would be dressed in scrubs. You'd figure that they'd be wearing scrubs I mean, they practically force your deepest darkest secrets out of you and tell your parents every word.


"Thanks Dr.Matineiety, I don't know what's going o-" Dr. Matineiety holds up a hand shushing the finicky mother who grasps her daughters hand tight.


"No, you'll never understand what's going just got to let this play out...just don't let her out of your sight." She says placing a hand on her shoulder. She seemed nice enough, but I couldn't let that fool me.


"Thanks," The mother said graciously. 


"Just call me if anything goes wrong," the Dr calls after them. She walks over to the desk and has small talk with the man. Then starts walking over towards us.


"Is Charlotte here?" She says clapping her hands together. I stay glued to my seat not wanting to get up. My father stands and says "now." through gritted teeth.


" Hi it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Dr. Matineiety. but you guys can call me Taylor." She holds her hand out for me to shake but my father takes it instead.


"It's been awhile Taylor," He says.


"It has been," I notice her american accent which seems to interest me because everyone has the same old British accent. "How's Harry doing?" She asks. I glare at her just hearing the name spoken.


"He's good him and Mia just got married a couple months ago and they've got a child on the way." She nods her head. Her and Harry definetly had a thing back in the day because the way she cringed when my dad said that he was just recently married made sense.


"So, I'm going to get to know your daughter better, so I'll see you later." My doctor says placing a hand on my back leading me in the direction of the big heavy metal door. The man sitting at the desk opens it with a push of a big red button and we walk through them and they slam closed behind us.


"Well Charlotte, as you already know my name is Dr.Matineiety but you can call me Taylor for short. I know it's a mouthful." She says as I follow close behind her watching her blonde curls bounce up and down gingerly with every step she takes. I follow her down long corridors, nurses pass us by waving at Taylor. She walks confidently. Like she's the queen of England like she runs this place, little does she know. Finally we come to a stop at an office door. She unlocks it with her key and holds the door open for me to pass through.


Her office smelled nice. Like freshly brewed sweet chamomile tea. The walls were painted beige and all these little feel goos posters were hung up on the wall. I took in every little detail about this small little box of a room. Everything was so condense about it. On her desk she had pictures with people. Celebrities father...well scratch that Harry. I took a good look at her. I think she was saying stuff to me that I was totally tuning out. Taylor...I searched my memorie for her and then I finally remembered. Harry one day took me out to the park and she was there. Mum would always talk about her and how she was 'a groupie, will she ever get the hint? No one likes you' . She'd always say. Taylor Swift. Well now doctor Matineitiey.


"So let's begin." She says clapping her hands. I turn to look at her. She looked perky with a perfect white smile on her face that I just wanted to rip off. When she realizes that I'm totally lost her shoulders slouch and she looks defeated."You didn't listen to a word I just said did you Charlotte?"


I shook my head no. "Taylor Swift," I said. Her eyes narrowed as she stared me down. I was expecting her to lash out and go off about how that was her maiden name but I'm shocked when she respndes with a innocent 'yes'?


"I remember you...why are you trying to act like you don't know me by asking me all these questions?" I ask.


"Because that's my job. I have to set all prior knowledge aside and focus on the now. Besides, the last time I seen you, you were seven, and you're obviously a completley new person." She says folding her hands on her lap."Now, why did your father bring you here?"


"Oh stop it. You know that's not my real father...don't give me that bullshit." I say angrily. Her posture straightens and she clears her throat.


"Okay...then tell me why Louis brought you here today?" She asks pointedly.


"No clue." I say. Her boney hands clench into a fist.


"Are you not going to be complient? I have other patients to worry about Charlotte." She says irritated.


"Nope I'm not. You should've stuck with singing because you're a shitty psychologist." I say rushing out of her office. I try to remember the halls I turned down and fail miserably. As I make the wrong right turn down a long corridor I walk into another office. No one was in there thank God, so I took it upon myself to sit down on the sofa. I looked around. This office wasn't nearly as happy go lucky as the other one. I looked at pictures on the desk just like the way I looked at Taylor's. It wasn't nearly as interesting though. It was messy, with misplaced papers to and fro. Nosey little me I looked through them. Mable Andrews, 1991-2017. Nathan Walsh 1997-2016. So young, I thought. Stone Jacobs 1990-2012. I threw the file back on the floor. I rushed out of the room and I was faced to face with Taylor. She placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me around. We didn't speak another word and she led me out to my father.


"Wait...There's still twenty minuets left..." My dad says checking his shining Rolex watch that I bet costs more than five thousand pounds.


"We only needed a quick interview today...We don't want our patients to feel uncomfortable so we don't expect anything from them. Whatever they're comfortable with." Taylor says. She was a good liar.


"Alright, next week then." Louis says waving her off starting in the opposite direction. I follow close behind him but not without giving Taylor one last look. My dad was a few paces in front of me. I looked at her and smiled.


"You're not that bad." I say turning to walk away.








I have no clue why towards the end of the chapter the font became italicized but it did. I've tried to change it countless times but it never worked and I don't even know how it got that way. Remember that this story is based in the future therefore the years a different. Hope you've all enjoyed x

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