Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


19. New York, New York

After my dad told me we were moving to New York.  Well, more like me.  And now he was sending me off to live with one of my mum's old friends I was devastated. The thing that hurt the worst was that I didn't even get to say goodbye. Not to Jake, my mum, uncle John, and although we didn't end things off on the right foot my aunt Camile too. It just wasn't fair and I'd never forgive my father for any part of it. And for him to send me to live with someone who I didn't know. Now I was flying in his private jet on my way there.  He sat a couple seats in front of me playing on his phone.


  Hours of a flight later the jet was coming to a abrupt stop at J.F.K. airport.  "Okay honey, we're here.  The greatest city in the world."  


"Oh joy." I say sarcastically.  I grab my bag and pull it behind me.  


"Come on Charlotte this is a good move for you.  You needed to get away from everything back in London."  He says getting my other bag of luggage pulling it.


"Sure if you wanted your daughter to be miserable.  I was happy there dad." I say.  He has no rebuddle.  We walk to the entrance that also doubles as an exit and we board off the plane.  I was expecting sky scrapers and bright lights, just the way all the songs describe it but instead I felt like I just got off a plane and stepped foot into the middle of nowhere.  "This is New York?"  I ask in awe.


"Not the city honey, we've got to do a little bit of driving before we get there." He says.  Paparazzi great us off the plane and big clunky Nikon cameras dangle from there necks.  My dad put his arm around me and tried to shield me away from the paparazzi's flashing lights and usually I wouldn't want to be caught on camera, but what the heck right?  I hate my father at the moment, and I wouldn't mind to see my face on the cover over people magazine and the headline reading "Where did Louis go wrong?" That, would be great.  


  I shake free of my fathers protective arms and look at the paparazzi.  "What's your name?" One of them asks.


"Charlotte." I tell them with a smile.


"Why haven't we seen much of you in New York?" 


"I guess cause my daddy was afraid of me stealing his spot light." I say.  Louis shoots a devious look at me.  


"Why are you doing this?" My father hisses in my ear.


"You just made the worst decision of your life," I say feeling more spiteful than I usually am. I walk away from him acting as if I knew where  I was going. Paparazzi swarmed around to me like bees on honey. They start buzzing with questions like how old are you, do you have a boyfriend, the questions were endless. I answered some in my head. How old are you? : seventeen but I may not live to my eighteenth birthday if I kill myself before then. Do you have a boyfriend? : Yes and my father ripped me out of his arms. 


"Have you always been so rebellious?" One of them asks. I smile trying to seem seductive even though I bet I look like a horse. 


"I don't know you tell me." I say. Just then my dad catches up to me and holds me by my arm hard. 


"Let's go now our taxi's waiting," My father says through gritted teeth. He pulls me in the direction of the airport. Inside it's heavily crowded with people.There was barley any room to move let alone breathe.


"What is wrong with you?" he asks. I look at him and smile. He's not serious is he? I tilt my head to the side.


"Are you kidding? You moved me thousands of miles away from people I love...What is wrong with you?" I say pointedly. 


"When you're older you'll understand." He says. 


"What's going to happen when my world really goes to shit while I'm living here in New York?" I ask him.


"Look I have to stay in New York for a couple of months for business. At the end of my time here I'll bring you back home with me in London." My dad says. There was something in his eyes that said he was lying so I called him out on it.


"Bullshit." I say. " I have enough money, I'll just move back to London all by myself. I don't need you." I say. 


"No you won't," My dad says turning me around to face me. "You're staying right here. Try it out...For me...Please..." My dad says his blue ocean eyes pleading for me to stay. I love my dad so much...I really do, despite all the times I back talk and disrespect him. What he's done to me is unforgivable though. He throws my mum in a looney bin and then he moves me thousands of miles away. How could he do that to a daughter that was happy somewhere else?


"Dad..." I say getting teary eyed. "How could you do this to me?" Tears stream down my face like rain drops on a window sill. " I loved Jake you knew that...You knew exactly what you were doing when you did what you did. You're heartless! I missed him every second we're apart every hour I sat on that plane while you played on your phone." I look down at the ground refraining from eye contact. "I miss him so much right now and because of you I won't be able to see him for a long time."


"Just wait a couple on months-"


"A lot can change in a couple of moths dad!" He looks at me sadly. There was nothing that he could say at this point that could make me feel any better between us. 


"I'm sorry." He says.


"If you were really sorry you'd bring me home as soon as possible." I say. He shakes his head no.




                               *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **** **** ***



When we got to my mum's old friends house...Well it wasn't what I was expecting. I forgot that people in Manhattan didn't live in houses. Even in the five boroughs homes are scarce. I made a 360 and watched as everything moved fast around me. Cars were rushing to and from places that I have yet to discover in this big city. Ultimately it's like a whole new world here in New York city. I thought Paris was beautiful. The way the Eiffel tower burned bright in the night. Nothing compares to the hundreds of skyscrapers that rise from the ground in every direction. My dad pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed in someones number. "Yeah, I'm here...." A long pause. "Okay, yup...bye." My father hangs up his phone and shoves it in his pocket. 


"So?" I say to him my arms crossed in front of me. He walks towards me and places his arms on my shoulders and shakes me a little.


"Honey, stop being such a brat. Enjoy your time here while it lasts, imagine how much fun you could have here in a week versus a month in London." I look him in the eyes and he looks sad. 


"I know dad, but I loved it in London! I maybe didn't have any friends but I had people who loved me there," I say tears streaming down my face. My dad's face goes solid like concrete. 


"I promise you'll be able to keep in touch with them." My dad says with a smile. How cruel could you be? I thought.


"How it's not like I have a phone or com-"


"But you do," My dad says as he pulls an iPhone G60 out of his pocket (<---- just imagine some futuristic iPhone of some sort) My eyes light up as I grab the phone out of his hands. I hold the phone in my trembling hands not knowing what to do with it. I press the little circle button that's in the center towards the bottom of the phone but the screen remains black. My dad takes it from me and holds down a button in the top right corner. He gives it back to me and I watch the little silver apple light up the screen. 


"Thanks dad," I say jumping into his arms. He wraps his arms around me and spins me around.


"I thought you said she was seventeen?" I hear someone says. My father puts me down and looks at the person who was speaking to him. "You aged well," The girl says as she blows smoke out of her mouth. 


Louis walks towards her with open arms and the hug each other for a long time. "It's good to see you again, thanks so much." My father says into her ear. She lets him go and walks over to me. She smiles and blows more smoke out of her mouth but in the opposite direction. 


"I'm Lola," She says extending a hand to me. Who shakes hands anymore? Figured it would be rude if I didn't shake her hand so I reach my hand out to hers and give her a firm shake.


"I'm Char-"


"I know who you are. What? You think I'd just bring in some random stranger into my home?" She laughs, almost immediately my skin grows cold.


"Well Lola, I think she's met her match," Lola stares me down. "Should we introduce Charlotte to your family now?" Louis suggests. 


"Sure, follow me hon," She says. I swear if I knew this city better I would've ran off but since I didn't I was forced to follow her and my father into her fancy pent house building. Right away we went straight to the elevator and Lola pressed the number seventeen to take us all the way up to the seventeenth floor. I'm sure we'd have a great view from up so high. When we get there, there were only two doors. 


Lola walked up to one of them and opened the door. As we stepped in I was greeted with tall ceilings and a big glass stair case leading upstairs. I didn't know that you could have two story penthouses in New York. Must've costed her a fortune. The floor plan of the first floor was open concept with easy access to the kitchen and living room with killer views to the rest of the city. 


"As you can see, the kitchen, living room, oh and here's the bathroom." She says opening a door off the kitchen. She starts walking down a long hallway with one side mostly window looking out into the city. Lola opens one of the doors. "Home theater." She says casually. As we continued she showed me a library and a study, cause I guess those have to be separate. A family room, with a lot of pictures a big flat screen and a fire place. "Here's a guest bedroom for you, there's another one upstairs with an on sweet though." She showed me two more bathrooms on the same level. That wasn't even the half of it. Once we went upstairs she showed me the den. "Where we spend most of our time." She says. Then the rest of the bedrooms. Her room was the biggest, I'd assume, with a fully glass wall looking out to the city. She told me she had an on sweet but I didn't look. 


Lola bangs on a door. "Stone," Lola says. The door opens and I'm face to face with one of the most beautiful people I think I've ever seen. He had dark brown hair that came down to his eye brows and he had deep brown eyes. "This is Charlotte," Lola says. Stone swallows hard and forces a smile. 


"Hi," He says with a raspy voice. 


"Hi," I say. Then I see someone's head pop up behind him. 


"Whose in there with you? Is that Violet?" Lola asks being nosy. 

"No mom, it's Wynter," Stone says. Lola smiles and leans towards him and kisses him on his cheek. 


"Make sure she's gone by dinner, we're eating at Lambardi's by the Bay." Lola says.


"All the way in Long Island?" Stone asks.


"We have a private helicopter for a reason Stone. Now I told you this two weeks ago so either she's gone by dinner or your grounded for two weeks." Lola says sternly. I almost laugh and Stone narrows his eyes at me.


"Okay mom, she'll be gone by then," Stone says rolling his eyes and slamming the door shut behind him.


"Here's your room Charlotte," Lola opens the door and the breath is blown out of my lungs. The room was painted a light blue with a king size bed on the left wall. It was huge. I dropped my bags on the floor beside my new bed and I wanted to hug her but then she'd know I was weak. 


"Thanks so much," I say with a sincere smile. I turn around to say thank you to my father but he was already gone. "Where'd my dad go?" I ask.


"He couldn't say goodbye, he just had to go." Lola says. "Sit down we're going to talk..."  I stare at her with a blank expression. "Now."





Okay so readers, I'll remind you that this is a sequel  to my first ever Movella, You are my Star. If you read that (which a lot of you haven't which is fine) then you'd already know who Lola is. She may come off a little harsh...well because she is harsh but that's just who she is. I know that there was no official Part One but that was it. Now not saying that Jake won't be a big part anymore because he is, but there will be new characters. 


It'd really mean a lot of you guys could give me some feed back on how the story is so far and what you think will happen next and what you want to happen. Thanks guys so much hope you're enjoying it.



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