Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


28. Murder

--[Louis' POV]--

I was sitting next to her today, after our screaming match she opened up a little bit. I held her hand in mine and went over her fingers. Trying to etch the wrinkles of her knuckles into my memory forever.

"How are you?" I ask her. Brooke shrugs her shoulders and sighs.

"Well obviously I'm insane, I'm in a psych ward." She says with a slight hint of laughter. "No but I'm alright...hanging in there," she says.

"Hey maybe I could take you out sometime. Get coffee or go out to dinner or something," I suggest.

"Yeah that sounds great. I glass of wine sounds nice." Brooke says her smile bright. She was different. A switch flicked in her head, and she was back. She wasn't fully herself but she was getting pretty damn close.

"I'll talk to your doctor about it," I tell her. We had small talk after that. She told me about some of the crazy stuff that happened in here and I told her about my family.

"How about Charlotte how is she?" Brooke asks. I honestly haven't really spoken to Charlotte since she's been in New York. I couldn't tell Brooke that though, she'd be so pissed at me. I clear my throat.

"She's good, Lola has nothing but good things to say about her," I lie hoping that it's true.

"I'm gal to hear that. When will I be able to see her?" Brooke asks. I shake my head.

"Whenever you get discharged from here, I don't want her to see you like this." I say. I can tell she fires up when she throws one of the chairs across the room.

"What when I'm like this?" She screams. Without any effort she flips over the table. Doctors rush into the room with big needles. "I have the right to see my daughter. You can't take that away from me!" She screams as the doctors put the needle some where in her back. Nurses escort me out of the room while Brookelynn screams bloody murder.

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