Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


16. Moving is Hard

Charlotte's P.O.V


I looked out the window all the way to my dads fancy pent house in London. The car ride was silent and once we pulled up to the fancy building someone walked over the my car door and opened it for me. I hesitated before I got out the car, waiting for my dad to get out walk around to the other side of the car and let my mum out but he didn't. I looked at him confused.


"Well?" I say. My father doesn't even look at me. He stares straight ahead. Tears well in my eyes. No, he can't be doing this to me. "You're not taking her anywhere without me." I say defiantly. I slam my car door shut. "Where were you planning on taking her?"


"It's one of the best asylu-"


"No fuck you! She doesn't belong there dad, you know that!" I say screaming. I see his face in the rear view mirror cringe.


"There will be no one to watch her and take care of her...with you at school and me-"


"Don't tell me you're going back on tour dad." I say. He nods his head slowly.


"You'd do anything to get rid of her wouldn't you?" I spit.


"Don't you say that! I love her more than you'd ever understand but it's not just her and I anymore. I have to worry about you...there's no more hope for her anyways...she's been gone Charlotte." He says.


"Bullshit...I talk to her all the time..." I say. He looks at me sadly. "What?"


"I'm sorry."




"You never talked to her honey...maybe you thought you di-" The rest of the words I didn't hear. I ran out of the car and into the building. There's no way I made this shit up. I darted to the elevator and I quickly pressed in the button 17 for the seventeenth floor. As soon as the doors of the elevator opens I run out. As I approach the door I realize that I was too mad to even remember to get the key from him. I get to the door and lean against it and kick it in frustration. To my amazement the door slowly creeks open. I push the door open all the way and walk inside.


"Hello?" I say. No response. That was weird, maybe Hannah was out doing something. Getting dinner, I'd assume. But there was no way my dad wouldn't let her know I was coming, Hannah was always good at always having stuff prepared for guest, more importantly me for that matter. Maybe she had an emergency. I plopped my bag down in the living room on the gray leather couch and I picked up my favorite cat throw blanket. It was so soft and reminded me of when I was little and I seen it for the first time at a stand in the streets of Paris. I closed my eyes and tried to put myself back in time. The air was thick and it was a hot day in Paris. My mum and dad loved going. I had to be no older than eight. I was probably my sixth time in Paris. We were walking the strip where it seemed like hundreds of little stands were all spread about. You couldnt walk 10 feet without someone asking you if you wanted something, your picture taken, or another bustling tourist shuffling through the crowd. The sun was setting and the sky was painted a warm orange color that always seemed so beautiful when we were in Paris. It was never the same old transparent sun set that I was used to in London.


I was looking at all the street vendors when a soft looking throw blanket with a white persian cat with bright green eyes caught my eye.


"Daddy, I want it!" I said practically screaming as I pointed at it with my little baby fingers.


"No honey I can't right now," He said holding on to my mum's hand.


"What do you want babe?" My mum asked me. She smiled and I remembered how beautiful she used to be. Her blonde hair was short and just went passed her shoulders and her bright green eyes were so full of light.


"That blanket," I said. She laughed and ruffled my hair. She picked me up and I dangled from her hip.


"You want it we'll get it, anything for my baby girl," She said kissing my cheek. I opened my eyes and I wasn't in Paris anymore everything that I had wished was there wasn't there my mum wasn't holding me smiling kissing my cheek. No, she was with my father going to be shipped away off to some psych ward with crazy people being unhappy. But maybe she was never happy. Maybe all the stuff I thought she said to me was never said and I was just going crazy.


I wrap the blanket around my body absorbing it's warmth, trying to feel the comforting feeling that it once used to give me but it doesn't prevail. It smells like sweet perfume and not the dusty way it should smell. Yeah I know dusty, probably doesn't sound like a sweet scent but who cares that's the best part about it. It's my old dusty blanket from Paris that reminds me of every good thing that I had once in my life. Before everything had to fall off the deep end and leave me to wallow in my own sadness. When my mum and dad were together, when I would wake up with breakfast tray on my night stand. When we would travel and I'd watch as my father performed on stage with my uncles. Before my mum wanted Harry back. Before she searched for hours on the internet for his telephone number and once she finally would find it call him constantly. Waiting for him to pick up. Tracking down his address and bring me in the car for 'road trips' she'd call them. 'I'm going to be meeting my prince charming" she told me once.


"But I thought daddy was your prince charming mummy?" I said as I sat in the backseat of her car. She laughed at that and pulled a cigarette out of her purse. Ever since she wanted Harry back her good looks deterioated with her cigarettes liquor and other drugs she was taking at the time.


" day you'll understand...Besides you'll like Harry."She said. And that was  the end of that. She'd turn up the radio and I know she thought that I didn't see but in the rear view mirror I'd watch her cry as she'd pick up her flask and after a swig clench her hand  in her fist. We would do this about five times a week. Sometimes if my luck would be particularly shitty enough we'd take a long trip twice the same day. The drive would be hours from London the Holmes Chappel where this 'noble' prince hailed. We'd wait at a bakery, and my mum would talk to the older woman who worked there asking, practically begging where Harry was.


"I'm sorry dear but I don't know where he lives, and if I did...I wouldn't tell you. Now please take your child home back in London and forget about Harry..." The woman said sternly. I walked over to my mummy grabbed her hand and I was trying to pull her towards the door.


"Come on mum lets go," I said. She stood up.


"I'll remember you," She said pointing a finger at the woman.


"Get out of my bakery now or I'll have you arrested!" The woman shouted after us as we stormed out of the bakery.


"Fuck you, Fuck you. Gosh!" She screamed kick the side walk. She unlocked the doors to her Mercadees Benz and we drove away. The whole time she was driving I fell asleep in the car and when I finally woke up I was at Aunt Camile's house in a small town right outside London.


"I haven't seen you guys in forever," She said. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. She walked over to me and hugged me.  My eyes open once again and I remember where I am. I make my way over to the balcony where I indulge myself in the crisp London air. I take in my view which is beautiful, and even though I've been living in this city for so long the view from the seventeenth floor in my father's condo makes me feel like it's my first time ever visiting this place. The view over looks the water, The Giant clock tower, the ferris wheel. Everything looks so splendid from up above. I dig into my pocket and pull out a spliff and cup my hand over it to stop the air from getting in the way of my flame. Once it was lit I inhaled it deep into my lungs letting it infiltrate my body. Once I feel like I'm about to keel over and die I let the thick smoke out and I smile as the cloud of smoke takes my breath away. I shoo it away take another drag as I miss Jake terribly. My cat throw blanket is comforting but not as warm as Jake's tattooed arms. I let out the smoke and just as I let my mind travel into a day dream of Jake and I, a mousy voice interrupts me.


(I wanted to include Elenore in this story but she is ten years younger keep that in mind as you read)



"Excuse me?" The girl says. I turn around and look at her. This girl was young. Mid twenties she had to be. She stood in the door way her hands on her hips, her long legs showing in her barley there pajama's. 


"Yes?" I ask taking another drag. She looked disgusted and I almost laughed but I didn't want to kill my high. 


"Who are you?" She asked fanning away the smoke as it reached her. 


"Charlotte and who the fuck are you?" I asked with a snotty attitude. 


"I'm Elenore...why are you here?" 


"You ask to many questions," I tell her burning out my spliff and letting my smoke out once again. "My father said I could stay." I say. She lets out a pesky annoying laugh. 


"I think maybe you're in the wrong apartment," She says walking over towards me trying to push my off the balcony. I swat her hand away from me. 


"Who the fuck do you think you are Elenore?" I say stepping towards her going to push past her but she doesn't move an inch. 


"If you don't get out then I swear to God I will call security," She says trying to sound stern but her voice is still weak and quivers.


"Oh I'm so scared!" I say as I laugh. Suddenly the front door of the apartment opens and my dad walks in.


"Louis, please tell this girl to leave she claims she's your daughter or something." Elenore laughs. Louis walks over to her and places a hand on her back.


"You were supposed to leave yesterday morning," He says. Elenore looks at him, rage filling her brown eyes.  Elenore pushes my dad but he remains in the same place as he was before. I was still too mad at my father to beat the shit out of Elenore then and there so instead I leaned back on the railing of the balcony and watched this whole ordeal unfold in front of me.


"Is that all I am to you? Someone you can just call up when you have no one else to occupy yourself with? Elenore says.


"Please not in front of my daughter," My dad says defiantly. He looked like he was about to turn into the incredible hulk any second his face getting redder by the second. 


"Your daughter? We've been together for almost six months and you never cared to tell me about your daughter? Her and I almost got into a fight." Elenore says her mousy voice cracking as her voice becomes higher.


"We're not together!" He screams.


"Oh yeah? That's not what you were saying when you gave me this ring!" Elenore screams back.  She holds her hand out in front of herself and turns around to show me the big rock that probably weighs more than her on her ring finger. It's too much if you ask me but no doubt it was no less then 100,000 pounds. "See honey, you're father proposed to me not to long ago." 


"No Elenore! Stop it, keep the ring keep everything I've given you just leave me alone. You were dumb enough to actually think I cared about you. Don't you think if I really loved you, you would've met my daughter a long time ago. Get out or I'm calling security...Now." Louis says. Elenore takes the walk of shame out of my dad's apartment. 


"So where's mum?" I ask folding my arms over my chest. My dad rakes his fingers through his hair and walks inside the apartment and pours himself a glass of liquor. I follow close behind not letting him out of my sight.


"I'm sorry you had to hear all of that," My dad says.


"Stop trying to change the subject. Where is mum I want to know." I say punching the granite counter tops with my left fist. 


"She's in a hospital....we're moving." My dad says. I laugh out loud. He has to be kidding me.


"Where are we moving back to Doncaster? I mean seriously it's not a big deal." I say. He shakes his head no sadly.


"No much farther than that." He says.


"Spain, Ireland? Russia?! I always wanted to go there."


"No we're moving to New York." My dad says. I feel my heart drop to my stomach

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