Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


11. Lost

--[Charlotte's P.O.V]--



I walked outside, releasing myself from from my Aunt and Uncles war. I took a spliff that I stole from Jake out of my pocket (oops) and I light it with my uncles lighter. The spliff perfumes the air with a thick smoke. I inhale it deep into my lungs and hold my breath until I feel like I'm going to pass out. "Hey!" I hear someone call. I turn my head in the direction and I see her running down the sidewalk her blue hair bobbing up and down on her shoulders. Cosmo. I throw my hand up and wave as she makes her way over.


"What are you up to today? Still suspended I see." She says. Her blue eyes drowning in black eye makeup and her lips were painted a deep purple.


"Nothing, just being suspended." I say nonchalantly blowing smoke out of my mouth. I watch her from the corner of my eye as she examines me. "Why?"


"There's a party going on," she says. I inhale smoke.


"Now?" I ask, confused on why there'd be a party going on at 10'oclock in the afternoon.


"Yes now. " Cosmo says taking the spliff out of my fingers and helping herself to a puff. She gives it back but I tell her that she can keep it. "Soo..." she says.




"Well are you going to come?" She asks annoyed. I figured why not piss her off more, this was would be fun. I needed something entertaining to get my mind off of everything that was going on.


"Going to go where?" I ask. Cosmo's face turns a deep red.


"Was there something else laced in that spliff or something. You know what I'm talking about, do you want to go to the party or not?" She asks stepping closer to me.


"Well you could've said that the first time and we wouldn't have had this problem of misconception. Yeah, I'll go just give me a sec to get dressed." I say turning around to walk back inside.


"Wait no, I have a spare out fit no need to worry. Here." She says pulling a bag out of her large purse. I take the bag from her and go to walk back inside with it but she grabs my arm.


"We don'y have enough time to get dressed. You don't need to look perfect. All the people who are at this party have been at it since 10 last night. It's going to end soon, figure we have nothing to better to do so..." She says.


"Then why can't I just wear my pajamas?" I ask confused.


"Cause you can't now lets go." Cosmo say yanking my arm in a different direction. I follow her, her hand still latched on to my hand. We walk down back alley ways, were drug addicts shoot up herion into their veins. I listened as the crunch of glass saringes crushed under my feet. Then music started getting louder, and I know we were approaching.


"Okay now change you clothes." Cosmo says.


"Excuse me?" I say.


"It's dark, change your clothes no one will see you." Cosmo says. I look around realizing how dark everything really was. It could pass for midnight in these alleys. I pulled my shirt over my head, feeling the damp air on my body. I rushed into the dress, which was ripped in all different places. It looked like an old Halloween costume. I looked at her with the 'really?' face and Cosmo walked over and rubbed her finger tips over my eye lids. I don't know what color they are until I study her hands. Black.


"What the fuck is this?" I ask her as we start walking down the alley again.


"What is what?" she asks.


"This? What am I wearing?" I say.


"A party outfit." she says bluntly. We approach a black solid door with a tall fat white guy standing in front with glasses. "I was here earlier, I've brought a friend to tag along." Cosmo says.


"Yeah?" the man asks. " We're not allowing her in if she's going to wear slippers, sorry." The guy says unsympathetically. Cosmo looks around in confusion and when she sees what I see I already know what she's about to do. There's a girl passed out on the floor outside out the door. Cosmo bends down and takes the shoes off the girl.


"Here put these on." Cosmo says. I slip my feet into the sweaty heels. The man opens the door for us and before we step through I notice the man rake my body with his eyes which completely creeps my out but then we're inside the building. This was not a normal party, this was a rave with drug infused people dancing and I wouldn't doubt fucking in the bathroom. I follow Cosmo. I've never been to a regular house party let alone a rave. Cosmo starts dancing swaying her hips to the live band that plays their loud dubstep beats. "Come on dance." she says holding my hands I start swaying my hips the motions unknown to me. I had no sense of rythum to the beat.


"Come on dance!" Cosmo urged. I tried dancing and I think this time I succeded when Cosmo smiled and started dancing with another guy. Whatever happened to Landon, I thought. But I pushed it to the back of my mind as I rolled my head back and put myself in another world as I danced to the raging music. The music was to fast and I knew people were jumping, humping, and shreiking around me but I just closed my eyes and drifted off. Then I felt arms around my waist swaying to the music who ever it was, their tempo met mine. I felt lips on my neck and I let out a small moan but my eyes remained closed afraid if I opened my eyes my perfect fantasy would she all gone. As the song changed, the arms that had found a home on my waist were now on my shoulders.


"What's your name?" He asked in a raspy sultry voice. I opened my eyes with the sound of his voice. He was beautiful, with dark grey eyes and a tight chiseled jaw line. His arms were covered in tattoos.


"Charlotte Rose," I say catching my breath. He steps closer to me. "What's your name?" I ask.


"Landon," he says. I shouldn't do this. I know that Cosmo still likes him. Or at least I think, because she did just go frolic off with some random guy so would it really be that bad? I don't know but when he offered me an 'E' there was no hesitation when I decided to pluck it from his hand and put it on my tongue and swallow it. Before I sent the little 'E' pill down my esophagus It was just a little pill that looked like a seed in the middle of a large field in Landon's hand. I was expecting results right away but nothing.


"Well that was a waste wasn't it?" I say to Landon. I go to leave this stupid party. Everyone seemed to be having a good time but me. Everyone else was so drugged up from the night before. Everyone but me. I think back to Cosmo. Maybe she was high too and she the drug (which ever one it was) was seeming to die down on her by now. I searched the crowd for her blue hair. she was practically fucking someone on the dance floor.


"Hello?" Landon says waving his hand in front of me. I look at him, not realizing I was stuck in a trance with Cosmo. 


"Hi." I say I turn back to look for Cosmo and that's when I noticed who she was with. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as he kissed it. A kiss that I knew too well, just watching I knew how she was feeling. She was loving every second of it and I bet your ass she was praying that I was watching, bitch. She was jealous. She could screw who ever she wanted, she could make out with whoever's boyfriends or crushes she wanted but she could never get a guy to chase after the way Jake did for me. I feel Landon's hand on my shoulder. I turn around and throw myself at him and I kiss him hard waiting to feel something. His mouth was dry and his mouth was like sand paper. I pulled away. No. Stranger walked passed me with drinks and I took them out of their hands and slurped them down. The burning in my throat taking my mind off of Jake and Cosmo briefly but not long enough because when I turned back around hoping that everything I was seeing was a hallucination but it wasn't. Everything was so much more real then I wanted it to be, and I always seemed to be getting caught in these situations where all I want to do is run away but how can I run in here? It seemed like all the people in London were jam packed in this rave.


I started to run into a crowd looking for a corner to hide myself in so I could cry and be left alone. I was pushed to and fro in all different directions. Finally, I find a corner and by the time I finally get there I feel like I'm going to puke. Before I get the chance to press myself against the cold wall I'm greeted with a finger pointed at my chest. 


"Tell me what it is with you Charlotte, what do you have that I don't?" she shouts. Daisy.


I look at her dumbfounded. What? "Daisy? What are you talking about now?" I ask.


"Jake doesn't want to be with me anymore." She says. 


I couldn't help but laugh, "When did he ever." I seen that she was about to start speaking. "Look Daisy, stop hating me for something I can't help or something you think I like to do. He's making out with Cosmo right now so before you go and point fingers literally, I'd go say something to Cosmo over there." I say pointing in the general direction of the large crowd. Daisy sits there and just looks at me. I smile. "I'm sorry, but although I've never been in a relationship I do know that no one can love you until you love yourself. I highly doubt that Jake loves me and I know for a fact that I don't love him, and whatever it is that keeps me and Jake coming back to each other...I don't know and I hate it. I hate every second of it and I wish I didn't have to feel this way, but you can't controll the way you feel. Please try changing his mind, make him want you back because honestly I can't stand being wanted by anyone anymore." I say walking away from her. When I turn my back I'm greeted Cosmo's pretty face, Jake's hand in hers.


"Hey." she says cynically. 


"I feel so sorry for the both of!" I yell. I start laughing hysterically. Cosmo's retaliation is diffused by the loud music that booms in my ears. I start skipping through the crowd, from time to time dancing with random strangers. 

The little pill took me to a whole new planet. My senses paid keen attention to every noise that happened around me. It seemed as though the crowd stopped for me and I found myself in the middle. A circle around me the crowd watching. I dance, my hands in the sky reaching for the purple clouds strung above me with unicorns flying in them. "Unicorns!" I point up the the endless sky. Everyone looks up and breaks into laughter. "This is perfect, I love this day. This is the best day of all the best day's in the history of bed day's." I say to the heavens.


"Who wants to love me?" I look into the crowd. People are rushing towards me but the one who reaches me first is my prince charming Landon. I'm looking down at the floor which is sparkling with diamonds.

I looked up at him and broke into a hysterical laughter and everything was melting around me. The world was ending, and I was just so fucking happy hit. Landon spun me around and I threw my hands up over my head and screamed "This feels so good!" Suddenly my body knew what to with my legs and I was dancing. I left Landon and started dancing with strangers, kissing strangers. I think I even kissed a girl, something I never thought I'd do. Then I was back with Landon. 


"Come on lets get out of here," he says his voice booming in my ears like a siren. I follow him and we find our way out of the crowd and he takes me through doors. We were standing in a hallway and the noise inside this place was relatively quiets. There were doors lining the walls even though not all of the were closed and as we descended down the hallway we seen what people were doing in there. They were having sex and I wanted to join for some reason. Then Landon found a room that was surprisingly not being used. The rest of the night was a blur. I woke up in the same room as I remembered I had no clothes on and I was tangled in a sheet with Landon. It happened, finally. I lost it. It's gone, I can never get it back. I was still to happy from the 'E' from the same night. I stumbled out of there Cosmo's old costume in more rags then it was then when I wore it earlier. When I walked out out the place it was night time. Damn, I thought. I didn't think I was sleeping for that long. Police sirens blare and shine red in the distance. I walk down the alley casually.


"Put your hands up!" A police officer says. I throw my hands up over my head and I start laughing. "Are you Charlotte Rose Tomlinson?" The police officer asks. What should I say? This was obviously a joke right? I start hysterically laughing. The police officer starts walking towards me along with the others. One of the officers says MDMA.


"What?" I laugh.


"Young lady, you are being arrested for being under the influence of MDMA, we are going to be taking you to the police department now. How old are you?" He asks.


"1,040, I'm a vampire," I hiss. He handcuffs me and walks me over to the police car and then he opens the door for me to get in. I sit down the seat cold, there were no cushions in the back seat. I started singing one of my favorite songs. Looking out of the windows seeing the street lights melting with the world. I knew I lost it. I'm gone. I'm not myself anymore. I'm lost.

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