Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


2. Jake Jacobs

I travel outside of my home for the following reasons: grocery shopping and school. Besides that I'm a home body taking care of my sick mother and talking with my Aunt Camile. I don't go to parties on the weekend, I don't have friends, I'm not in clubs, I don't even have a cell phone. I don't do anything so that's why when I was in Mr. Shower's class today and he mentioned that we were going to be place in lab groups I was horrified. My whole high school career I was used to working independently. Thank God he let everyone pick and there was an odd amount of people in our class. I walked up to him as all the groups chatted about everything but science.


"Mr.Showers, it seems to be that I don't have a lab partner," I told him. He raised an eye brow. 


"No need to worry Miss.Tomlinson Jake Jacobs will be here, he's in the office right now. But you two are lab partners." He said as he looks down at papers. I huff walking back to my desk wishing that Jake Jacobs wasn't my partner out of all the people Jake Jacobs. He was the schools bad boy. By grade ten he had three tattoos one on his chest and the other two on both arms. He had a reputation for sleeping with everyone on campus and leaving them and back talking to teachers and getting suspended. For some reason though, he's never been expelled. For all these years and now he's my lab partner. I look up when I hear the classroom door open and close. It was him, I'm not really into bad boys that much but I couldn't help but find him so attractive. He walked in wearing his navy blue blazer  his tie undone and his strawberry blond hair messed into a messy quiff pieces of hair poking out indifferent directions but he still looked so cute. His ripped dark jeans were tight to his skin and his vans were dirty and ripping in the back. 


"Hey Mr. Showers. Sorry I'm late was stuck in the office, what are we doing here today? What'd I miss?" he asks. Oh wait till he finds out who his lap partner is. I think when I see the expression on his face I just might break out into hysterical laughter. 


"Well, Jake while you were gone the students have picked partners; but since you were gone everyone got a partner but you and Miss. Tomlinson so that's who your partner is. Please go sit next to her shall you?" Mr. Showers says. Udder confusion floods his face.


"Excuse me? Sir, I don't happen to know who that is Mr. Showers." He says leaning in close probably pleading for a lead way so he doesn't have to be my partner. Mr. Showers shakes his head.


"No son. I cannot do that. I think you guy will work good together. And if you don't know her, you can get to know her. This project will require you guys spending a lot of time with each other so you might as well get to knowing her now. She's the young lady over there sitting there by herself. Go now." Mr. Showers says shooing him off. 


Jake starts making his way over to me he rakes my appearance with his eyes. "Hello." he says charm escaping his voice.


"Hi, I'm Charlotte." I say extending my hand. He takes it and brings it to his mouth and kisses it. He smiles and puts my hand back down and breaks out into a cackle. 


"Gosh, that's so cheesy! I've always wanted to do that. Anyways I'm Ja-"


"I know who you are Jake Jacobs," I say. "I still don't know what this project is about but I'll tell you, I'll do the entire thing. We won't have to see each other outside of school if you don't want." I say.


"Good that's exactly what I was  gonna suggest. Glad we came to an agreement," He says slapping his hand down on the desk and escorting himself from our group and making his way to the lovely school tramp Daisy. He sneaks behind her coils his tattooed arms around her waist and kisses her neck.


I watch as jealousy creeps inside of me. Why all of a sudden am I craving this?

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