Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


33. Imagination

--[Charlotte's POV]--

We're all walking home from school. Stone, Wynter, Charlie and I. It's been a full month since Stone and I came up with the plan to be 'just friends' and let me tell you, it's been so hard to pretend to be someone's friend when you just want to have sex with them.

"So is there going to be any parties this weekend?" I ask the group. Wynter shrugs her shoulder and so does Charlie but Stone nods his head in my direction while he grasps Wynter's hand in his.

"Tyler Mahone is having one on Saturday," Stone says. I nod my head. Good, I need to do something that'll get my mind off the both Stone and Jake.

"Are you guys going?" I asked the group although I only really cared if Stone was going.

"Maybe," Charlie says.

"I might go," Wynter says.

"I'm going where ever Wynter's going," Stone says kissing Wynter's cheek. I try not to let anyone notice me cringe.

"Cool, hopefully I won't be there alone." I say. I start to feel really uncomfortable when I notice Stone and Wynter all over each other. "Let's go get some pizza," I say to Charlie pulling him by his hand in the opposite direction of the two love birds. When we're far enough away I slump against a Starbucks widow.

"I can't do this," I tell Charlie. He walks close to me and strokes my hair.

"This must really suck for you," Charlie says.

"Yeah it does," I admit.

"What are you going to do about it?"he asks. I shrug my shoulders.

"There's nothing I can do. We agreed that we'd just stay friends." I tell him. Charlie chuckles.

"It's blatantly obvious you both like each other. Why not just be together?" Charlie asks.

"Hmm well I don't know it could be that we both live together."

--[Stone's POV]--

"I don't know it could be the fact that we both live together," I say defending myself.

"It's just...I don't know you guys seem a little too close. Like more than friends," Wynter says looking down at the sidewalk. Her beach blonde hair drapes in front of her face sheilding her from the sun.

She really is beautiful. I thought she was beautiful since the first time I saw her. I was a sophomore and she was a freshmen. She moved to the city from the Hampton's. I don't understand why her family wanted to move out here though. Everyone's always right on top of one another, at least when you're out east; you have some space and probably beautiful ocean views of the Atlantic.

I remember at the time, Joy and I were still dating. Things weren't working out though and once we broke up I was all over Wynter.

"Hey," I remember saying to her. To my surprise I was actually nervous. My hands were clammy and I felt sweat on my four head.

"Hi," she said sweetly. She smiled and continued to look ahead.

"You're new," I said. I know I sounded like a complete and total asshole but at the time it didn't really matter cause I just had to know her name.

"Yeah, I moved here from West Hampton. My names Wynter," she said. I smiled and nodded like a dumb ass.

"That's a very pretty name. I'm Stone," I said. Pretty much after that we were inseparable. We hung out everyday ninth period. I'd skip art just to be with her. I can honestly say that nothing else mattered but Wynter.

It was a cold December night we were in my bed and looking out at the city skyline. Her fingers were gently going up and down on my chest.

"Stone," she said. I looked at her, her eyes so bright blue. "Have you ever had sex before?" I was at a loss for words. My mind automatically went straight to Joy.

"Well... Yeah I had sex with Joy when we were dating." Wynter cringed which pained me. I stroked her hair and kissed the bridge of her nose. "Don't worry it's not like I loved her like the way I loved you," that made her smile. I remover at the time I had thought that I loved Joy. Turns out our whole relationship was just one big lie. She cheated, I cheated, she lied, I lied. We were too much a like to work things out between the two of us. We were both so stubborn and both so vengeful.

"Would you ever have sex with me?" She asked. I swallowed hard and looked at her.

"Only if you're ready," I told her. With that she took the incentive to kiss me hard and to roll on top of me. Almost instantaneously our clothes were off and we were bonded as one, for real this time. Not like a stupid Hallmark card saying. Our bodies were sync with one another's and for once I felt like I was doing something right in my life. When we stopped she just looked at me. I couldn't tell if she felt the same way.

--[Charlotte's POV]--

I was back home now and I was laying on my bed alone. Charlie had just left I really want Stone to come home. I feel so lonely since I've been here in New York. There's so many people here yet I'm still so alone. I pick up my phone and unlock it, and I FaceTime Jake. He answers his phone fast although I can't really see him.

"Hey," he says wearily. I wave.

"Hello," I say. I cannot help but smile and I can see his blue tinted smile from the tv in his room.

"What makes you call at..." Jake looks in a different direction and points his attention back to me. "Three in the morning?"

"Oh shit, I'm really sorry I totally forgot about the time difference." I lie. I just really wanted to talk to him, I needed to talk to him. I had to hear his voice an listen to him banter about stupid little things and I just had to see him. I would've never thought I could miss a single person so much. It's funny to think that we were pretty much complete strangers before we became science partners. It's not like we were even together for years, not been a month. And I miss him like crazy. I need him.

"It's cool. I miss you. How's New York?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders and sigh.

"Boring for the most part. I wish you were still here though," I tell him. I watch as a bright smile spreads across his face like butter on warm toast. Jake runs his fingers through his hair and smiles again.

"I can't stop thinking about the last night we spent together," Jake says. I feel my body temperature go up just thinking about it. I started to bite my bottom lip and it made Jake laugh. "See I know you felt the same way. Admit it, I'm amazing,"Jake says trying to bask in all the glory.

"Please," I say. "I'm too stubborn to ever admit that to someone as egotistical as you," I tell him.

"Tell me," Jake says.

"No," I say trying to stifle laughter. Jake leaned in closer to his phone camera an looked directly into the lense.

"Are you going to make me come back to New York and force it out of you?" Jake asks.

"Depends how you were planning on 'forcing' it out of me." I say. I bit my lip again knowing it would annoy him. Jake takes his hair again and moves his hand down his chest.

"I know you wish you had me right now," I say. Jake nods his head. I don't know why but for some reason I was getting really turned on and I slid my hand into my panties touching my bare warm skin.

"Charlotte I didn't even get to do half of the things I wanted to do to you that night," Jake says. Well Jesus what he had already done was good enough, how much better could it have gotten. And I live the way he addresses me by my name. I don't know of it's just the way it rolls off his tongue or his raspy voice.

"I wanted to," suddenly my bedroom door flung open and in an instant my hand was out of my panties and I hung up on the FaceTime call.

"Do you mind knocking next time you asshole," I say flustered.

"Would you mind saving your phone sex until after everyone is sleeping or out of the house?" Stone asks.

"Being horny has no time and boundaries. When I'm in the mood, I acted upon my actions." I say.

"Want to test out the theory?" Stone asks. I laugh and Stone looks at me confused.

"Whatever happened to us staying friends?" I asked him as he crawled on top of me. Stone started to kiss my neck and I started to laugh. I grabbed my phone next to me and read my text message.

I'm just going to let your imagination run free and let you think of what I wanted to do to you that day. Thanks babe your the best, cos I just love going to sleep with a hard on. I might just have to wank.

When Stone realized that I wasn't paying him any mind he left my room slamming my door shut. I texted Jake back

Can we just finished what we started?

Nah I'll let you sleep on it. Besides I have school, I wouldn't be able to sleep with your moans replying in my head. Love you x

I sighed heavily and pulled the blankets up to my chin.

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