Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose Tomlinson grew up the normal life. If the normal life includes having a full passport by the age of four and going on tour with your superstar father. Sadly her mothers and fathers relationship came to an end and ended up with her mother getting into a serious car accident which meant that Charlotte had to live with her aunt in London and help take care of her sick mother.

Eventually, Charlotte wants to live her own life and do things her own way. She becomes romantically involved with the schools bad boy and her whole life is thrown for a loop. Will her life ever be the same?


10. Cross My Heart

--[Charlotte's P.O.V]--



I spent the rest of my day in my closet with the doors shut as I listened to my Aunt and Uncle scream at each other about Camile not telling me that my real dad was Harry. "What's wrong with you?" Were words that were constantly screamed by the both of them. No one has come in to check on my yet.


I think I've been in my closet for two hours now which has been the amount of time they've been screaming at each other. It's dark in my closet and damp with clothes throw astray on the floor. I started to think about everything that's happened in my life. Harry has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I remember the first time I saw him I think I was four and he was visiting my mum and his girlfriend...Mia I believe was being mean to mummy so I ran up to Mia and punched her in the leg with all my might, she was unfazed but exploded with anger and struck me across the face. I started to cry and my mum flew out of her seat and they started fighting. That was three years before my mum got into the accident. Three years before I lost my mum, even though in some ways she was already gone. She was never like Aunt Camile where she'd make dinner and bake and stuff like that. She never gave me hugs or kisses or said I love you to me so she was never really the motherly type. I remember her spending her days living at the dining room table passed out a bottle of whiskey in her hand. As far as Harry is concerned, I remember him always (if not with Mia) going upstairs with my mum and staying up there for awhile. When they'd come back down stairs their hairs were always messy and when I was little I never understood why, but now that I'm older I got it. My mum was Harry's go to girl. He always knew that he could go to her if her was lonley or wasn't getting laid by Mia, he'd call my mum up. Come over, fuck her and then leave having my mum waiting at the edge of her seat waiting for him to call back...he never did. Then I heard someone in my room. I stayed in my closet waiting to hear Aunt Camile's crying wavering voice.


"Hello? Stop trying to avoid me Charlotte." I try to put a face to a voice that I knew so well. I open my closet slightly and see his face. When I see his face I almost leap out of the closet into his arms.


"Jake!" I scream jumping into his arms. He catches me and holds me tight. He lets go of me and looks at me.


"Why'd you leave me?" He asks. I look at him and tilt my head.


"Jake...I like you alot...I've never liked anyone before," He laughs dryly.


"Oh I'm flattered." He says. I kiss his lips shushing him.


"Seriously Jake. You're like...the only person I've ever liked. You make me weaker than I already was and we're not even dating and that scares the shit out of me. I left you that night because if I didn't I'd be with you forever and I'm not ready for forever yet." I tell him. He stares at me confused. I smile but he doesn't smile back.


"You don't get it Jake." I say. He shakes his head.


"Of-of course I get it Charlotte," He says holding my hands tight.


"No you don't. You have no clue, and neither do I but I want to find out; and I want to find my first love in you but I think you're too busy loving yourself." I say. His mouth drops and he lets go of my hand. My mind explodes with anger. "Jake! You're still fucking Daisy for Christ's sake. You could never love anyone!"



--[Jake's P.O.V]--



"Jake! You're still fucking Daisy for Christ's sake. You could never love anyone!" She screams. I look at her in shock. I've never seen her like this for the short time I've known her. I wish I could plead with her and tell her that she's wrong but I couldn't because she was more right than I wanted to admit.


"Okay...Charlotte look-"


"Jake, the only reason why you ever started talking to me was because Mr.Showers put us in a group together. If he would've never done that then you would have never spoken to me." She says tears rolling down her cheeks.


"You're right! And you never would've talked to me either! Why am I always the bad guy huh? I never wanted you to fall in love with me..." I say. Charlotte raises her eyebrows and looks at me and then her face splits in half with a bright smile.


"What? Whoever said I was in love with Jake? Gosh you are so self centered it's truley disgusting. I'd never be dumb enough to let myself fall for someone like you. We don't have to worry though. When I go back to school Monday I'll tell Mr.Showers to switch me out...then we won't have to see each other anymore." She says. She summons me to the door and I leave her house and walk back home. I take my cellphone out my pocket and dial in Daisy's number.


"Hey," she says.


"I need you now," I say.


"For what?" she asks.


"I just need company okay, meet me at my house." I hang up the phone.




--[Daisy's P.O.V]-


"I just need company okay, meet me at my house." Then he hung up the phone. I sit up on my bed and look out the window. I see him now passing by my house. He's on his phone again with someone I stand and open my window and try to listen.


"You're kidding right?" A long pause. "Come on stop it. You know how we both feel about each other Charlotte! I really like you a lot. We both need to put more of an effort in not just me please...lets try to work things out."


I suck take in a deep breath. I want to scream at him, anything to get his attention so he could look at me. I run down stairs out my door.


"Hey," I say planting a smile on my face. He looks at at me confused and hangs up his phone. He wipes his face, clearing it of tears. I've never seen him cry before besides the day his brother died. He was absent for a week and when he finally came back it was like he was a completely new person. Not that he was ever nice, but when he came back to school he was angry. Every little smart remark would enrage him he was constantly getting into fights, and during the full week he was back he got eight tattoos in one week. One that stood out among the rest was a tatto on his neck that read 'I think I was born backwards'.


"Oh hi...I thought that you were going to meet me at my hou-"


"I was but then I seen you walking by and I figuered you'd just stay here." I say desperation leaking from my voice like water is a hose.


"Yeah well...that makes sense." I nodded my head and smiled turning back around to my house I offered my hand out to him but he neglected the gesture. I opened the door and he followed me inside not saying a word. We're finally both sitting in my living room his face glued to the window.


"Who were you on the phone with just before?" I ask. He looks at me with angry red blurry eyes.


"You are pathetic," He says. I gasp as he continuies on with his rampage."You know that I have no intrest in you and that whenever I call it's just for sex and still allow that. Do you have any dignity?" He asks.




"Exactly Daisy. No. Why do you still keep letting me in if all I do is shut you out?" He asks tears flooding his face. I look at him in shock. What was I supposed to say?


"The reason why is because each time you do call I hope you see something in me that you haven't seen before. I hope that one day a switch will turn on in your brain and you'll see me for who I really am and not just a girl you can mess around with and leave." I say as I watch him light his spliff.


"Don't you think I would've already seen it by now. We've been playing this dating game forever and we're not even good at pretending that we like each other..." Jake says.


"So what are you trying to say?" I ask.


"Maybe we should just stop pretending and just end's long overdue anyway." He says. I feel my heart break in my chest.


"No...Jake you don't mean that..." I say.


"I do though Daisy. You are beautiful but besides your looks theres nothing special about you. You're just there when I need you, and for all the wrong reasons and I don't even need you anymore." He says.


"So what you're fucking Charlotte now is that it?" I ask. Jake starts laughing. He shakes his head no.


"She has more dignity then to fuck me the first week of us knowing each other unlike you." Jake says snidley.


"What is it then Jake? What's so special about her? What does she have that I don't have?" I ask knowing that I'd stump him with this question. He takes one last puff of his spliff and puts it out.


"She's beautiful. She makes me laugh, she's not predictable, she has me on the edge of my seat. She makes me happy and she makes me sad. She's one of a kind, and I've never liked someone so much. Not you, not Cosmo no one just her. She leaves me begging for more, and I want more of her every second but she doesn't want but I'm willing to fight." He says passionatley. I break into a wicked laugh.


"You've got to be kidding me." I say.


"No I'm not, cross my heart."



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