Missing You

At one point in Justin's life, he was happy. He was marrying Selena Gomez.
A few years into their marriage, they began to argue. But doesn't every one?
Just when they were about to sign for a divorce, something exciting happened. She was pregnant.
The baby brought peace between them for a while, but they still argued so much. They sign for another divorce. And this time, they will separate.
[this is a story told from Justin to his son, Logan.]
So, read to find out what will happen. And also leave your thoughts. Thanks.


1. Introduction.

 Justin and Selena at one point were married. They had the best relationship...well not exactly. Just to the public their love was passionate. They would fight. They miss the times when being famous wasn't a problem. When they really did love each other. When nobody would come between them. 
  They go through a divorce because, they just can't take it anymore. The fighting and tension between them is too much. And the fame isn't making it any easier for them either. 
  Just as soon as Selena was about to sign the divorce papers, she finds she's pregnant with Justin's baby. You would say, she's happy about it, but she's not. She'a horrified.
She doesn't know what to do. So, she talks to her family about it. 
  But wasnt she supposed to divorce him?  And the only thing that's stopping her is the baby. 
  But even the baby can't stop the arguing. They get along for maybe a year. They fall back in love with each other. Just because your in love, doesn't mean you don't have problems in your relationship. 
 Again, their relationship fails. Again they want a divorce. This time, they do go through it. 
  Justin still misses her. Selena can't because...well, she can't miss anyone. She gets in a horrible accident, she doesn't live. 
  Justin tries everything to get her back. He misses her. 
   Logan, [their son] asks about Selena. Justin doesn't think much of it. But Logan barely remembers his mother. Finally, Justin tells Logan about his mother. 
 He never stopped loving her. He only agreed to a divorce to make Selena happy. 

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