Missing You

At one point in Justin's life, he was happy. He was marrying Selena Gomez.
A few years into their marriage, they began to argue. But doesn't every one?
Just when they were about to sign for a divorce, something exciting happened. She was pregnant.
The baby brought peace between them for a while, but they still argued so much. They sign for another divorce. And this time, they will separate.
[this is a story told from Justin to his son, Logan.]
So, read to find out what will happen. And also leave your thoughts. Thanks.


2. I Can't Explain...

          *justins pov* 
"Daddy." Logan called, slowly walking into my room. "Yeah buddy? What's up?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer. He's been having bad dreams lately. Each night, he says he won't have another one. He says he's a big boy now and doesn't need to sleep with me. So I just wait, every night to hear his little footsteps walk in my room. I don't mind him sleeping with me. In fact, I'd rather him be with me. I can't lose him too.
 Two and a half years ago, my ex-wife Selena and I had a  divorce. She left our house without saying a word. She left Logan here. We didn't want to become to distant because of our son. We wanted the best for him. 
  The next day, I got a knock on the door, from the police. I didn't know what was happening. Of course I was scared. But not for myself. The day before, Selena left angrily. And she had promised to pick Logan up later so I could work. She never came. 
   "Another nightmare." He said, shamefully. "Aw. Another one? I think we have a record." I joked. "Yeah." He said. His voice was high pitched.
He struggled as he tried crawling into my bed. "Can I sleep here? Please daddy." He begged. "You don't have to ask. Just get in." I said smiling.  "Daddy?" "Yeah?" I asked. "Did mommy, know that I could have never asked for a better daddy? Because if she doesn't already know, can you tell? I just want her to know that."  "Mommy knows." I said, stroking his hair. He smiled. "Can you tell me about mommy?" He asked. "Mommy?"  I asked. "Yeah." He said, cradling  himself in my lap. "Well, she was beautiful. And...well she was perfect." I said. What am I supposed to tell a five year old? I mean I want him to know about Selena but, I don't know what to tell him. "Daddy?" He looked at me. "Yeah?" I asked. "Why did mommy leave us? Will I see her again?" He asked. "No." I said, fighting my tears. I miss her so much. "I'm tired." He said yawning, throwing his arms out as he stretched. "Me too. Love you." I said kissing  his forehead. "Love you too." He said. He rapped his arms around my neck, as we both fell asleep. 

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