I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


6. The Park

(A/N) I'm updating my story today because I have lots of time. Also because I feel like I haven't updated a chapter in a long time. Lastly sorry I'm doing this on my tablet and it doesn't have spell check so a lot of things will be wrong.

Ana's POV

That was a fun experiance with Louis family, know wonder he doesn't visit them alot. I mean we were only their for two hours and I felt like I was going to kill someone.I really don't know how they put up with eachother really.

After that we went home ate some dinner then we were just sitting sround like lazy bums.So we dicided to go to the local park.Even though I was going their anyways, Since I take Tommy their every Sunday anyways.But this time I had a plan I am going to help Louis become a better father without him knowing it. I am going to pretend that I twisted my ankle. So that Louis is going to have to look after Tommy for the rest of the park visit. This should be a fun experiance for the both of us.

So we are walking to the park. On the way I texted all of Tommy's friends moms to make all the dads go to the park.So now that my plan is in action we will go and see if anyone survived.

Louis POV

We got all of Tommy's friends at the park. I hope Ana doesn't feel weird since she is the only mum here for some reason.

"Owww Louis help!"

"Ana what's wrong."

"I think I twisted my ankle."


"Oh then we should probably go home then."


"No stay Tommy's having too much fun. I'll just walk to Julia's she lives two houses down the street."


"K we will pick you up later love, hope you feel better."


I can't believe she thought I bought that. I know when she's faking we used to do it to eachother all the time. She is probably thinking that I can't take care of my own son at the park. Well then I'm going to make this his best trip to the park he has ever had.


Ana's POV


So im walking over to Julia's pretending I twisted my anke. Then what do I do I step on a branch fall and really do twist my ankle. For what and Louis probably thought I was faking. So when I got to Julia's I couldn't feel my ankle like at all. I didn't want to wait all day at the flippin door so I just helped my self in. I kno I was probably loud enough to wakeup her newborn baby up but right now I don't really care.


"Tomato help now" ( lol only certain people will get the tomato part)


"What's wrong Ana you look like your really hurt."


"Ice now quick."


"Here you go, what happend to you."


"Ok so"




Julia's POV


"Oh no I mean we are going to drop Olivia to my husband at the park. Then we are going to the hospital to get your ankle looked at."


"All right let's go quickly."



Ana's POV


I quickly got into the front of her car so we could get to the hospital fast. After we dropped off Olivia we drove as fast as we could, because I felt like I was going to be sick. So after that I dicided to text Louis what was going on.








A=Louis Julia is taking me to the hospital cuz of foot


L=K Tommy's getting tired so we will meet u there later


A=Ok TTYL got to go into doctors now


"Ana Smith" The nurse called.


"How are we doing today?"




"What are we here today for?"


"Well I fell and I'm pretty sure I twisted my ankle."


"All right we will get going on some x-rays on that then."


"Oh yeah I have also been feeling sick for the past few days."


"Is that all that is wrong with you today."


"Yep I'm pretty sure."




"Ok hi there I'm Dr. Web. I took a look at your x-rays and yep your ankle is broken."


"Ok so what will we have to do about that."


"You have to wear a cast for the next few months."


"Alright great, but what about the sickness I have been having."


"So just to be safe we are going to need blood tests. Also we will need a urine test."


"So ok"




After I got done with all of the tests I was just sitting there wondering. Why did they need all of these tests. Like do they think there is something that wrong with me.After a few minutes of silence the door was flung open by the doctor.


"Ok I have some good news and I have some bad news. What would you like to hear first?"


"Bad news first please."


"Bad news you are sick because..."




"Because good news congradulations you are pregnant."


"I'm what?"


"Would you like some time alone."


"Yes please."



Julia's POV


"OMG your pregnant again, This is great because this time you have Louis with you.Wait I can also help you with everything. First off when are you going to tell Louis."


"I have another plan I am going to tell him tomorrow. When we go out for dinner to meet the lads."


"Alright this will be our little secret."


Louis POV


"Alrighr this willbe our little secret."


"What's our little secret."


"oh I didn't want you to be worried. Because I broke my foot."


"Ok thets head home love, we have a long day ahead of us with the lads."


Ana's POV


"One sec bye Julia see you tomorrow morning."


I walked up to the reseptionist.


"Can I get an apontment for tomorrow morning, for a cast and a baby scan?"


"Yes I can fit you in so be here at 9:30 tomorrow for your apontment."


"Alright see you then tomorrow."


Now I'm off home to get planning for the clues and how I am going to tell Louis tomorrow.


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