I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


5. Telling his Family


A/N I am turning this into just a Louis story because I personally think it is getting confusing to read and keep track of. This is going to be a long boring chapter I was trying to get everyone's POVS but it got really bad by the end so sorry. I'm also still looking for co authors so if you could please comment if you want to a Co author.

Ana's POV


Today we are going to Louis parents to tell everyone about Tommy. We are super nervous about how everyone will react about this news.


''Tommy can you please get ready we are going to grandmas and grandpas.''


''Yes mommy I'm all ready.''


We get in the car and start to drive. But then I look next to me and see Louis look really frightened.


''Babe what's wrong you look like you have seen a ghost or something.''


''No its fine love, I'm just worried. Just about how my parents and everyone else is going to think about you and Tommy.''


 Louis POV


We walked into my parents house. Then I saw her sitting their we broke up.




''Louis what are you doing here babe, and with that chick. Who is she?''


''This is my parents house. Also this chick is my girlfriend and this little guy is my son Tommy.''


''How could you cheat on me like this we never broke up.''


'' Yes we did, now where was I yea. GET OUT OF RHIS HOUSE!"

Eleanor's POV


I cant believe Louis has a son. like he dated her and broke up wither for me. Now he's going back to her because of a kid. god WTF no one brakes up with Eleanor. I mean no one not even Louis.


Tommy's POV


I wonder what that was. Who are all of these people I'm really, really scared now. I crouched down behind daddy's legs. I know he's brave he's ''SUPERMAN''.


''Hey buddy what's wrong.''


"lots of scary people here.''


''No their not scary their fine. You see those people sitting over there. That's grandma, grandpa 1, and grandpa 2.( A/N I did that for Louis dad and stepdad.) And those people are your 5 aunties.(A/N for his 4 step sisters on his moms side and his 1 on his dads side.) Auntie Lottie, Auntie Fizzy, Auntie Daisy, Auntie Phoebe, and Auntie Georgia.


''But who's that.'' He said pointing at Eleanor.


''Oh son don't worry about her she doesn't get a proper name.''


Grandma's ( Johannah's ) POV


I'm glad actually I loved Ana as Louis girlfriend. Now I am glad that they have a little family together.


"Guys remember if you ever need anything like needing time to yourselves. Or don't have anyone to watch Tommy. Just call us and someone will be there for him in a snap second.


''Why thank you Johannah very much.''


"Yeah thanks mum for saying that.''


''No problem sweet hearts.''


Grandpa 1( Troy Louis real dads) POV


What just happened I was called over to ex wives house by my son. To what for him to tell me he has a kid. What is happening to my life it seems to be getting worse by the second.


''Dad you have been really quiet over there want to say something.''


"Yeah I think its rude that I haven't seen you in how long. And your seeing me just to say you ran off somewhere to have a kid. Well thanks for telling your father all about it.''


"You know what get out.''




Grandpa 2 ( Mark Louis step dads ) POV


God what happened to him. I'm really happy I'm a grandpa actually.


'' So Tommy what do you like to do.''


''Well I like to sing, draw, color, and to be silly.''


" Well do you want to find the king of silly.''


"Yes very much."


''Then ask daddy.''




'' Cuz he's the king of silly.''






Auntie Lottie's POV


Wow so I'm an aunt, I never thought that he would ever get over Ana. But I guess the only way to get over someone is to have a kid with them.


''I think its great you have a kid. You never would have probably seen each other ever again if it wasn't for him.''


''Thanks that's true Lottie, if it wasn't for him I probably would have never seen Louis again.''


"Auntie Lottie isn't it because I am awesome.''


''Yes Tommy, just because your awesome. And also the coolest.''


"Well I am pretty kool."



Auntie Georgia's POV


Wow this is just great I haven't seen Louis in what 2 years. Also what he's all grown up now because he has a kid. God its like he forgot I'm his sister or something. (A/N step sister, sister just sounds better in my personal opinion.)


"What have you just forgotten about me by now. Only seeing me like once every 2-3 years. You know who I am, I'm Georgia I'm your sister if you have forgotten over the past year or something.''


"Georgia I know who you are I remember you. We just don't talk because there has been a lot on my mind now a days.''


"Well than bye Louis. Never bother me like this ever again.''


Louis POV


What have I just done. I just pushed my dad and my sister away from me. How couldn't I have just stopped them from going out that door.


Auntie Fizzy's POV


"Am I the only one that is sane in this family.''




"I was thinking out loud again wasn't I.''




"Of course."


Auntie Daisy's POV


I like babies, babies are nice and cute. That's it.


Auntie Phoebe's POV


Wait what I didn't know I was supposed to say something about Louis kid.


Louis POV

OK so that was a fail at telling my family about Tommy. Well at least they know now.

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