I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


8. meeting the lads

Ana's POV

So I'm driving to Liam's flat. And it's actually very, very hard to drive with a broken foot. So when I got to the cake shop, I picked up my order for my tie-dye pink and blue cake. Louis and the lads are going to be so shocked and surprised when they hear the news. So after I picked up the cake I started to drive down to Liam's flat. I have been driving their for a while now and I started to think and wonder what the lads will think of me. But I don't think they will be thinking about that too much after I tell them my big no gigantic news. Well I got to the flat I pulled up into the driveway and I walked up to the door and just decided to walk in and scream to their fat asses.

"Louis I'm here now let me meet the fat asses already. But after leave I have to tell them something so you will have to leave."

"Alright but lets re-meet them first."


"So these are the lads try to guess us with your directioner knowledge."

"Hi I'm The pussy cat."

"Alright hi Harry."

"I'm the quiff king."

"Hi Zayn."

"I'm the Nando's maniac."

"Hi Niall."

"I hate spoons."

"Hi Liam."

"And I'm the carrot king."

"I know you silly."

"I know."

"Hi lads I'm the carrot queen."

"Lastly we are one direction."

"kool now get out Lewis HAHAHAHA."

Louis POV

I wonder what is wrong with all of them. I just really want to know what is going on with Ana. I want to know very badly but I guess I will find out in a few minutes.

Ana's POV

So I told the lads and they are exited for me and Louis. So we each are coming up with a clue for Louis to find something to tell him all the clues. I just can't wait for him to find out. I just know he will be very exited for us.

"Louis you can come back in here."


"Love I'm here what do I get to find out now."


"Nothing you get to play a scavenger hunt first."


Louis POV


"So your scavenger hunt starts now."


So I get handed the first clue and it read.



Go to all of the bathrooms.

Look around and see what's there.




Ok then... I searched all of the bathrooms and found Tommy's baby soap. Attached to it was a note that read.



Go to the kitchen, you will find something there :)



After reading the note I went to the kitchen to find a gallon of milk laying on the table. That was just plain random. Another note was attached to the milk carton that read.


Hey Lou!-

Go to the living room. You'll find something there.



I walked into the living room to find a teddy beat on the couch. Ok... This is getting weird. Another note was on the bear that read.



Hi Louis, go to your bedroom and you'll find something there. I promise you'll like it.




So, I made my way to my bedroom. I saw a blanket on my bed. I saw another note that read.


Hey babe,

To end your scavenger hunt, go outside to the deck. You'll get your prize there.




So I walked out to the deck and I saw Ana holding a cake. This is weird as my prize I get a cake.


"What this is my prize a cake?"


"It's not just any cake there's a surprise in the cake."


"Then what's the surprise in the cake?"


"I don't know look to find out yourself."


"Alrighty then secret keepers."


So I grabbed the knife and started cutting the cake. Then all of a sudden I hit something in the cake. I pulled it out and read aloud. "You are the best daddy ever to us." Us I thought who's us. So I kept cutting then when I got a full piece cut. I looked down at the cake and I see it's tie-dyed blue and pink.








"Uh huh"




"Wow how are they understanding each other with that talk."

"You'll know someday when you find the one."

Ana's POV

After the lads left it was just me and Louis. Since tommy is with the girls and Johannah's for the night.

"So love how far along are you."

"They said I am about 4 months along."

"That makes sense since we have been a family for 5 months."

"Oh yeah happy 5 month anniversary."

"Same to you love."

"I'm tired I think I'm going to bed."

"K be up their with you in a second."



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