I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


3. Louis reaction

Louis POV


''Your their...Daddies.''


Wait I remember it all now the night we broke up she told me about how she was pregnant. How could I have been such an idiot for letting her go like that. I missed the first three years of my kids life.


''Ana how much of a jerk I have been.''


''No you haven't''


''Yes I have, I missed the first three years of my sons life,''


''It doesn't matter as long as you are here with us now.''


''Daddy, Daddy, DADDY you here.''


''Yea buddy I'm here.''


''we big family now right mummy.''


''yes honey we are a big family.''


''lets go home Niall and Katie can meet us at the flat later.''


Ana's POV


we all got into the car and left to Louis flat. When we got their me and Tommy where just speechless.


We have been living in a tiny two story apartment but now we are moving in with Louis in this gigantic flat. I just cant believe it. I wonder how Niall is taking this new news about him being a dad.


A/N I'm not going to update until I  have the next two chapters written in my notebook so I have thought the story out a little more. If you want to be  a co author please just shoot me an email I would really like a few to help.

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