I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


7. I'm What With What

Louis POV

What is all that about she is  sneaking out now to make "special appointments." What ever it is she has to tell me tomorrow night when she re-meets the lads.


"Ana after you get home we have to go see the lads remember."

"I almost forgot yeah I should be their on time. You just have to meet my their then."

"Alright then I will just give you the address Liam's flat then."

"Thanks I'll meet you then later babe."

Ana's POV

Ok so I am walking to Julia's house to go to the hospital again. We are going to get my fat ass foot into a cast. Also see about this baby situation. So we drove to the hospital again like how many times will we be here. When we got there I signed in and waited for what seemed hours. Then finally they called me back to see everything again.

"Mrs. Smith"

I got up with Julia to see what's going on with me. I'm just so scared right now with everything going threw my head right now.

"Ok so lets get started so what color cast would you like."

"Oh I have no clue at all, I haven't thought about it."

"Would you like me to come back in a little while so you can think about it."

'Yes please, Thank you."

Julia's POV

"Ok so now we have to get down to business to figure this out."

"Alright maybe lets do Louis favorite color or something for him."

"Yeah I'll do that but what is that color."

"Oh I know lets do a red  base with blue and white stripes around it. It's Louis signature outfit."

"Lets do it then but what about the baby."

"Oh I got that part all figured out. I have riddles for Louis that he has to find, Then at the end I'm ordering a cake that's either dyed pink or blue."


"I know right."

"Then I'll get the doctor to tell them that you have made your decision."

Ana's POV  

I have to see about this baby thing. I just want to know already I cant wait.

"Oh so I want a red base with blue and white strips."

"Alright then all will be fine in your new cast in a few minutes."

"Alright then."

After the cast was on I took a look at it and it was just plain FANTASTIC! Louis is going to love this so much. Well as I was daydreaming about meeting the lads. I was interrupted by the nurse being ready for my baby scan.

"Hi I'm here to show you your baby."

"Ok I know how this goes so you don't have to explain it at all."

"Alright it's just remember that this is going to be very cold."

"Um I was wondering if I was far enough along to find out the gender. Because I really wanted to tell my boyfriend tonight."

"Yep everything looks perfectly fine for you to know."


"So as we look at the picture see over here is the head. And congratulations you are having a baby girl."

"Really Louis will be so happy when I tell him."

"You are ready to go would you like a picture."


"Wait I'm making out a second heartbeat."


"Yes and I see the baby right here you are also having a baby boy!!!!! Congratulations again on your twins."

"I'm just shocked now, So when should I come back in."

"I think when you are about 4 months, So in probably about 3 weeks."

"Thank you see you soon."

"Bye Honey."

Alright so now to the bakery, then to Liam's flat. The boys will just have such a big surprise ahead of them right now. 

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