I want daddy

Tommy Tomlinson is Ana Smiths son . Her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson left her when she told him she was pregnant. But two years later Ana's sister Katie Smith has a baby girl named Rosie Horan. What happens when they go to a signing and see them and tell them about the kids. See how they react in I want daddy.


10. Babies Names


Ana's POV


"Let's get started."


Ok so we have been writing names down for a while. I still haven't thought of any names for my kids. Is that sad or what. I really think so. I just noticed that Louis doesn't have anything written down either so I have a deal to make with Louis.


"Lou I notice that we both have nothing down."


"Yeah so what?"


"How about I think of two girl names and you think of two boy names."


"Great idea let's do that."


I still am thinking about the names when everyone else has turned theirs in. So I thought some more and I figured out the most perfect girl names. So I wrote down Madilyn Ann Tomlinson and Sarah Marie Tomlinson. After I put my names in the jar, I started to pull out the names and read them aloud.


"Ok this one is mine. Who likes Madilyn Anne Tomlinson and Sarah Marie Tomlinson."


"I think those names are just plain fabulous."


"Thanks sass master."


"Who's next ok Louis."


"Mine are Anthony Jason (AJ) Tomlinson and Luck Richard Tomlinson."


"Cool Liam you go next."


"Alright my names are Andy Wood Tomlinson and Jessie Bo Tomlinson."


"Ok just a little toy story like."


"Dani your next."


"I picked Katlyn Ann Tomlinson and Joe Cole Tomlinson."


"Great Zayn."


"I found Natalie Lee Tomlinson and Ben Francis Tomlinson."


"Ok Perrie."


"Rachel Nicole Tomlinson and Chris Ryan Tomlinson."




"Darcy Elizabeth Tomlinson and Bradley Simon Tomlinson."




"Kristen Ellie Tomlinson and William James Tomlinson."


"Alright Niall."


"Annabelle Rose Tomlinson and Josh Ethan Tomlinson."


"Good last but not least Arianna."


"Sammi May Tomlinson and Aiden Preston Tomlinson."


"Great now me and Louis are going to go into the other room to figure out what names we like the best."


Louis POV


Alright is it bad that I have no stinking idea what to name my kids. I thought so, wait and I'm talking to myself. Ok so we are going to knock these names down now even if it takes us all night if it has to.


So me and Ana have gotten it down to the top twelve names. So we are going to go tell them who made it into the final twelve names.


"So guys we got it down to the final twelve names."


"Let's see who's names made it into the top twelve."


"Both of Ana's names got in, one of mine got in, none of Zayn's got in sorry lad, one of Perrie's got in, both of Jenna's got in, one of Harry's got in, both of Niall's got in, one of Arianna's got in, one of Dani's got in, and lastly one of Liam's got in."


"Now we will go back and figure out down to the top six names."


Ana's POV


So I have my two favorite names for the boy and girl. But let's see what names Louis likes the best. Even though I know for a fact once I say the names I like they are going to be the names of the kids.


"So Ana what are your favorite names so far?"


"Well I have my two favorites."


"So what are they."


"Alright I like Sammi May Tomlinson and Anthony Jason Tomlinson and we can call him AJ."


"Really those are the ones that where my favorites too."


"Well then I think we have our winners."


"Let's go tell them."


"Yes we will."


Ow I just felt the babies kick. That really hurt. That felt worse than anytime Tommy kicked before. Well I guess that's life for you huh. As I walked into the living area I already heard Louis shouting.


"Dun dun dun da, may I present Sammi May Tomlinson and Anthony Jason Tomlinson but we will just call him AJ."


"Nice on present-OW-ing the na-OW-mes."


Then I fell hit my head and that's all I can remember.


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