hi my name is Jamie Jones people call me jam for short. my friends names are Beth and Kim. We are the biggest sluts in the school we probably slept with all the guys in our grade we are in 12th grade. we are about to graduate. But what happens when Jamie falls in love with a guys will she straighten out or stay the same?


2. Chapter 2

 i wake up at 10:24 i get out of bed and got in the shower. i got out did my make up dried my hair and then brushed my teeth then put on a loose over the shoulder belly shirt that said ' Wild Child' and a bright pink bra and a pair of white short shorts that my bum stuck out of i grabbed my phone and went down stairs there was not from Beth and Kim saying " hey we took a cab home before you woke up" i said to my self "ok" i sat on the couch and turned on MTV and texed harry:


Me: hey are you awake yet?

HIM: yea whats up?

ME: nothing watching tv wby?

HIM: nothing texting you and hanging out with the boys

ME: that sounds fun ;)

HIM: yep! ;) i was wondering if you could come over and hangout with me and the boys i told them about you ;)

ME: I would be honored to meet the one and only one direction lol

HIM: ok wear something comfy cause we are going to chill out and watch movies!

ME: ok be over in a sec

 I grabbed my phone and keys and left he lived abut five minutes away so i got there fast


 i got there and knocked on  the door harry answered. I smiled and gave him a hug. I walked in and he introduced me to Zayn Niall Liam and Louis " guys this is Jamie" harry said " hi" i said they all said " hey " together and they were just staring at me i laughed and i sat down on the couch next to harry and we all watched Pitch Perfect. i love that movie its so funny. when the movie was over Louis asked " so, what should we do?" i suggested " Truth or dare?" " sure " Louis said harry went first:

Louis: truth or dare?

Harry: Dare

Louis: I dare you...To play 7 minutes in heaven with Jami

Harry: ok


( if you don't know what 7 minutes in heaven is its where a girl and guys go in a closet for seven minutes and there supposed to do stuff ;) you know what i mean )


Harry and I got up and went into the hall way closet and i heard the boys laughing. Harry leaned in and kissed me his hand me. was on my back and in pushed me right up against him his hand then traveled to my bum and i felt his hand on my bare bum that was sticking out he picked me up and i put my legs around his waist. I started to take off his shirt it was off then he took off my shirt and UN-clipped my bra and set me down not breaking the kiss he the started gently grabbing my boobs he started kissing down my next he got to my soft spot and i moaned then he started sucking witch made me moan more he stopped sucking and kissed down to my collar bone then he kissed my boob then started sucking my nipple i moaned the i wrap my legs around  him and put my finger through his curls he kissed down my stomach and got to my waste and he was about to take off my shorts but the boys yelled "TIMES UPP" i then hopped off of him and grinned on his thing and i felt his thing getting harder. i was teasing him then he back up and smacked my bum i giggled then turned around and he grabbed my boob and  i got close to him and kissed him then he kissed down my neck and over to my ear and whispered " we will carry this on tonight" then winker at me then we got dressed and went out of the closet and Louis said " That sounded good you guys had FUN" then winked at me. we carried on playing truth or dare. we then ate dinner and watched paranormal activity 4 and i was literally on Harry's lap in the end cause i was scared. it was know 9:49 and the boys went to sleep and then Harry said " Lets go finished what was going on earlier " i said " ok we went to hos bed room and i grinned on him to make him hard then striped him then he striped me. and i wont get in to detail. we finished out of breath i got up and put on my bra and underwear on and he got his underwear on and we got in to his bed and snuggled it was awkward was his hand was on my bum but i didn't say anything and my eyes got heavy and right before i was asleep i felt him kiss my head and then i was out 

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