hi my name is Jamie Jones people call me jam for short. my friends names are Beth and Kim. We are the biggest sluts in the school we probably slept with all the guys in our grade we are in 12th grade. we are about to graduate. But what happens when Jamie falls in love with a guys will she straighten out or stay the same?


1. Chapter 1

 Hi my name is Jamie i thought i would tell you about me before i start the story. I have long brown the goes down to my butt and the ends a naturally blonde.i have blue/turquoise/green eyes. I love the colors blue turquoise and purple. I secretly love One Direction and Justin Bieber. My best friends Beth and Kim are the only ones who know that.I live buy my self in my flat. My nick names are Jam or JJ and that's all i have to say so lets get on with the story.







I wake up to my alarm clock blaring in my ears at 5:30 AM. I get up and hop in the show i scrub my hair the my body i shave my legs and get out. i put my hair and body in a towels. i do my regular make up witch is concealer eyeliner and mascara. i take my hair out of my towel and blow dry it and leave it natural because its naturally straight. I go to my huge closet and pick out a low cut white see through shirt with a blue bra that matched my ambrea white and blue high wasted shorts. This out fit made look super tan. i put it on and went to the kitchen and made my self a bowl of cereal. Then when to the bathroom and brushed my teeth I grabbed my bag and i was out the door. I was so happy because today was the lat day of school. It may not seem like it but i was very serious about school and getting a degree in art/photograph.


                                                          END OF DAY



 Tonight me Beth and Kim decided the go to the club so i went home and curled my hair fixed my eyeliner and mascara and put on a pink tight dress the fit all my curves and it went down just enough to cove my bum but if i bent over my bum would stick out a little and it made my bum look good same with my boobs that you could see because of my push up bra i put on my white 2 in heels and went a picked up Beth and Kim. Beth locked almost exactly like me with blonde hair and Kim had long black hair and brown eyes. They got in the car and we went to the club. I went straight to the bar took 2 shots and went to the dance floor. I has just dancing a a pair of big hands grabbed my waist. I didn't bother looking to see who it was i just started grinding on him and he then move one of his hands and gently squeezed my bum that was sticking out then he went up and fingered me he did it for a minute then add a finger he then took them out of me and i heard him licking his fingers i then stood up and was dancing on him and i took his hand and then pt them on m boob he began squeezing them gently then me pulled my back to his chest and and kissed my neck then hit my soft spot it made me moan and he chuckled then whispered in my ear in his husky British accent "call me tonight?" then he stuck a piece of paper in the front top of my dress then left i also left the dance floor and went and found Beth and Kim and we left Kim had to drive cause she didn't drink and we decided to have a sleep over at my house. We got in the car and took the note out of my dress and typed it in to my phone and texted it and 


ME: hey it me from the club ant btw my name is Jamie


HIM: hey that was nice ;) and my name is harry


ME: Harry Styles??? and oh yes it was ;) 


HIM: yes harry styles


ME: ok i wont give anyone your number and btw i'm a fan ;)


HIM ok love i'm going to go to sleep text me when you wake up ;)


ME: ok night have a good sleep i know i will i might dream about you ;)


HIM: oh i will dream of you ;)


 When i got that text we just pulled in thr drive way i got out of the car and went inside changed in to a white T and sweat pants i took off my make up and put my hair in a top know and hopped in to bed. I was thinking about harry i was luck i just girded on harry styled and got his number. With that my eyes got heavy and i was out like a light sleeping.

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